Where to get quality Essential Oils -Prize Winners

Join us for the live stream announcing the Essential oil winners and learn about an Essential oil company Anatta Market who supplies and sources quality essential oil from farmers around the world.

Visit anattamarket.com and use code soapsummit2020 for 20% off all orders.

Additionally you can watch all of the replays with 14 speakers at the FIRST EVER Virtual Soap Summit visit https://summit.livesoapschool.com/

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  1. Sharon

    Hi from Australia ! New to your videos – Love them ! 🙂

    • Zakia Ringgold

      So happy that you found us and are enjoying the videos

  2. Zakia Ringgold

    Thanks DJ I hope you and your family are staying safe

  3. Charmaine Hurst

    Hi Zakia. I just visit your channel and like what I see so far. Great video but missed this we went first posted. I am interested in soap making and made some body butters at home as trials for now. I also use and organic essential oils from Herbirary herb store and use raw oils and butters from Brazil for hair and skin. I am from Philadelphia and trying to start making soap.

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Charmaine Hurst heyyyyyyy I’m also from Philly! It is truly a great craft with Natural Skincare check out the blog at livesoapschool.com for tips and recipes

  4. Zakia Ringgold

    hot ness welcome welcome❤️

  5. runawayfastasucan

    Anatta doesn’t have the variety I need. Do you have any other essential oil company that you can recommend?

  6. Nightwolf XP

    HI From South Africa

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Hello from the US thanks for watching

  7. Zakia Ringgold

    تاي محمد ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Kay Locd

    Thank you for these videos looking to bagan making vegan soaps and then going into business, thank you so much these are helping .

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