Season 1, Episode 3

What You Should Use To Start Your Business Online

Click Play to Listen in for things you need to consider when deciding to bring your business online because you have definitely got options.


Zakia Ringgold

About This Episode

Be honest with yourself and what you want to accomplish with your online Business.

As you consider the options for selling your product online, consider your existing customers, your ability to get technical or hire someone to do it for you and the time you have to devote to the tech side. You have four options when it comes to bringing your business online: landing page, ecommerce store, marketplace or landing website.  Take some time to think about your current skillset and what you want to achieve with your online business.  

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Zakia Ringgold

Hello! I'm Zakia Founder of Live Soap School and owner of Natural Soap By Zakia. I am extremely passionate about handcrafted soap and encouraging people to express their gifts and talents through Live Streaming. I'm exploring all things digital & social while sharing my journey along the way LIVE. Nice to virtually meet you!

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