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The 2020 Virtual Soap Summit is 2 full days of learning, sharing, growing and networking with 14 speakers teaching all about how to make handmade skincare and online business technology at home. With COVID-19 we are all experiencing Social Distancing and wondering what tomorrow, next week or next month may bring. You may be stuck at home and simply want to control the ingredients in your families skincare, or learn how to make products yourself. The Virtual Soap Summit is for you. You may have a Brick and Mortar store and are now forced indoors and attempting to figure out how to keep your businesses afloat. The Virtual Soap Summit is for you. People who had a previous desire to try something new at home need the education, tools and resources to do so confidently. The 2020 Virtual Soap Summit has been appropriately titled “More than Soap”, because it is so much more than soap. More than soap is an online conference where anyone can attend, participate and engage live online from anywhere in the world without leaving their home.

Soap Summit

More Than Soap…Knowledgeable Expert Speakers from Diverse Backgrounds

After attending over 15 conferences in the soap and technology industry over the last 5 years, I had a pretty good idea of the topics and speakers I wanted to be covered at the More Than Soap Virtual Summit. You can read about a few of those experiences here, here and here. I had the opportunity to meet some highly talented people who were just as content in their small piece of the world and extremely knowledgeable with giving hearts. This is the kind of conference I wish I would have been able to attend. So I created it. These individuals are skilled in Soap Making, Lotion Making, Candle Making, Bath Bombs, Herbalism, Whipped Soap and more. I also knew that technology was the missing piece and endeavored to create a holistic summit that not only taught how to make products but how to get those products online and sold as an additional source of income. As such the Virtual Soap summit not only teaches natural skincare, product formulation and natural ingredients but also includes fundamental skills for business owners to thrive online.

Virtual Soap Summit Speakers

More Than Soap…Donating to local organizations in support of COVID-19 Corona Relief

The benefit of having such a diverse line up of speakers from all across the world is that we can all do a small part where we are. Each speaker in the Virtual Soap Summit has designated a local charity in their own community. To which, 10% of the conference proceeds will be donated to support COVID-19 relief. If you would like to sponsor the conference, you can find more information here.

More Than Soap…Empowering Participants to start new hobbies and home-based businesses

Start a hobby at home

Soap Making in particular was a way for me to relieve stress and relax. How good would it feel to be able to make all of the personal care items your family needs AND control all of the ingredients? In our current environment we must become more self-reliant and knowledgeable not just for our personal wellness and peace of mind but for our own survival. With over 14 topics covering the full range of natural skincare and handmade products you are sure to pick up a new hobby that you can turn into a home based business. Learn more about the schedule and talks here.

More Than Soap…Providing Practical Skills for Traditional Brick and Mortar Store Owners to Thrive Online

I made a lot of friends during my talks at conferences. It breaks my heart to now see them wondering what they can possibly do to keep their business going with forced store closings. With all the demands of running a brick and mortar store, most business owners did not spend the time to learn the online marketing skills to continue to grow their customer base. As such their hands are tied. At the Virtual Soap Summit speakers are providing proven strategies for growing your handmade business online to stay connected with existing customers and attract new customers…no matter where they are located.

Make Money Online

More Than Soap…Referral Program to Earn Money

Everything that we teach during the virtual soap summit can be done at home. Anyone can sign up for the Partner Program with a valid paypal email address. What this means is you will get a unique referral link that you can share with your friends and family. If any of your friends and family buy a ticket for the conference using your link…you get a 15% referral commission. If you refer 5 people you will get a free ticket to the virtual summit. Click here to sign up for our Partner Program and start earning money today!

More Than Soap…Virtual Networking

Self isolation can be pretty lonely. We have all been stuck in our homes but the Virtual Soap Summit provides a safe community space online for new and experienced handcrafted artisans to connect and grow together. While maintaining a safe social distance.

If someone asks you what the Virtual Soap Summit is, the best answer is it’s so much More Than Soap… It’s Raising the BAR! It’s about education, empowerment, providing skills and resources so attendees are confident in their ability to thrive no matter where they are located.

I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a group of speakers that believe in this vision and have the knowledge and skills to bring all attendees immense and actionable value. My gratitude for the gifts I have been given with technology, live streaming and natural skincare to create a truly one of a kind virtual experience for all attendees and sponsors is truly exciting and humbling. I can’t wait to see you at the More Than Soap Virtual Soap Summit. Be sure to register early as their is a limited number of seats to ensure all participants get the optimal Virtual experience.

Join us and Raise the Bar! Click here to Register today.

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