Video Making Solid Bubble Bath

What is a Solid Bubble Bath

In this video we made our own solid bubble bath. The recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t take much time to make.

Bubble Scoops are a unique spin on creating a luxuriously conditioning bath experience. They are often known as bubble bars, bath truffles, solid bubble bars and bubble scoops. To use them you will crumble under running water and watch your tub get filled with bubbles and an intoxicating scent. For this recipe you will need a large mixing bowl, kitchen scale, ice cream scooper and spatulas to stir.


1 ounce Cocoa Butter

1 ounce Shea butter

10 Ounces Baking Soda

5.5 Ounces Citric Acid

3 Ounces SLSA

3 Teaspoons colorant (optional)

1 oz Fragrance oil

1/2 oz of Polysorbate 80

How To make Bubble Scoops

1. Melt Cocoa butter and shea butter, set aside

2. Combine and mix baking soda, citric acid, colorant and SLSA (wear a face mask until all ingredients mixed with liquid ingredients)

3. Pour melted cocoa butter and shea butter mixture into dry ingredients

4. Add fragrance oil and poly 80

5. Mix well until it feels like cookie dough

6. Using a cookie dough scooper or ice cream scooper, scoop into bath balls

7. Let dry overnight

8. Enjoy

When you try it out post a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag #LiveSoapSchool so I can see it. You can watch another video making Solid Bubble Bars with no SLSA here.

Until next time…

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