Two Soap Swirling Techniques In the Pot and Drop Swirl

What is an In the Pot Swirl

An in the pot swirl is a soap swirling technique that when used, creates it’s own design in the soap. This is a great technique to try if you are new to making soap as it’s very forgiving. In this Soap Making video with my cousin visiting from California she made her own batch using an in the pot soap swirl. You can have multiple colors with this technique but you want to pay special attention to the color wheel to avoid creating a murky mess. This can happen if your colors don’t mix well together. There are two key considerations when making soap with this method: Thickness of your soap and over-swirling.

How to make an in the pot swirl

You will make your soap batter normally and separate it out into colors.

  1. Choose your base color (white, black, yellow etc).
  2. Pour your swirl color into the base color in positions similar to a clock. Imagine your bowl as if it were a clock. Pour your swirl colors at [12:00], [3:00], [6:00] and [9:00].
  3. Use a spatula and spin it around 1 or two times to incorporate the colors. Don’t over stir, as this will mix the colors.
  4. Pour the soap into the mold and allow it to sit overnight.

When you cut it you will see the design created from this technique. You will also get a sneak peek as you are pouring the soap into the mold.

Drop Swirl

While my cousin was creating her swirl pattern I got to work on another simple soap swirling technique – drop swirl. Drop Swirling is one of the most common techniques and again it’s very forgiving. This is one of my preferred methods as it gives the soap it’s own unique character and every batch will be slightly if not completely different. Just like in the pot swirling drop swirling is a great technique for beginners. The keys with drop swirling are thickness of soap and height from which you drop the soap.

How to make a drop swirl in soap

You will make your soap batter normally and separate it out into colors.

  1. Choose your base color and pour that into the mold.
  2. Hold your drop swirl colored soap at least 3 inches from the mold and pour it in, using either a straight line or a pattern of your choice.
  3. Pour your base color on top of the swirled soap color.
  4. Continue alternating until you have poured all soap into the mold.

The higher you pour the soap the deeper it will travel into the soap. Additionally working at a thinner trace will give you thinner lines and more intricate drop swirls.

Join us for a local soap making class where we review swirls and more!

Until next time…

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