The Power of a Photograph


Timehop is an app that displays photographs you previously posted on Social Media platforms. What it fails to convey are the emotions, stories and implications behind those pictures. I often get the notifications of those memories waiting for me to reshare and I think do I really want to go there.

The beauty of a photo is it captures a moment in time forever. The individual experiencing the memory can see much more of what that photo represents beyond the smile. There is no future without a past and no story without a history.

This is where those candid shots tell a portion of the history. It is up to the individual viewer to understand the essence of the moment.

We must look beyond the smile and into the eyes. What do they say that the smile can’t hide. You may be surprised to find that the photograph reminds you of something you didn’t even know was there and you were standing right there smiling for the selfie.

Look at the composition of the shot, the body language, the slight tilt of the head, the not so smiling smile and see what is really there. You may find that the photograph is much more powerful.

So what does this have to do with soap? Well if you look at the photos of your initial bars and compare them to bars made a few months later, you should notice a change. Are you capturing what you want your soap to convey or are you just snapping pictures?

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