The New Soap Makers Cookbook – Ingredients for Success

What’s the Missing Ingredient in your Soap?

If you would have asked me two years ago if I would have wrote a book on soap making my answer would have been “absolutely not”. After live streaming for two years and teaching how to make soap, I have discovered the Ingredients to Success and share them in this book. In this book I share my top tips that I have used to ship my soap all across the United States, 13 countries and counting!

The New Soap Makers Cookbook – Ingredients to Success 

This book provides the missing link to why many new and seasoned soap makers stumble early on in their craft. It is a compilation of what I wish someone would have told me when I first got started AND the most frequently asked questions during my live streams.

Grab your copy today and discover why and how your handmade soap should be so much more than soap!

Just in case you are curious this is my reaction to receiving my book and seeing it for the first time. That additional screaming is my daughter Nyla joining in on the excitement as she films mom!

Order your copy of The New Soap Makers Cookbook – Ingredients for Success on Amazon Today!

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  1. Naturallyshawn

    I just ordered my book. I can’t wait to read it


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