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Step Out of the Matrix

Are you even aware of that a matrix exists? The truth of the matter is most people have completely different paradigms depending on their own unique experiences, perspectives and upbringing. Here is another letter from my younger self created in 2015 encouraging you to step out of the matrix.

Time stamps below:

[1:30] – Don’t Tell Anybody What You Are Trying to Do

[4:15] – Are you building your own dream or someone else’s

[6:59] Make a Decision

[9:15] Outwitting the Devil

[12:20] Turn the TV Off

[18:50] Hamilton History Has it’s Eyes on You

[20:15] Look for the Lessons Beyond Your Initial Intentions

[25:00] Kids and Fundraisers

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[00:00:00.910] - Zakia Ringgold

I titled this I don't I normally do walk with Me, and I planned on walking today. However, Mother Nature is dazed and confused. That was our motivation for last night's soap scope that we did. So instead of it being the 70 and 80 degrees that we've had, it's now about 51 degrees in freezing rain. So I am in my car.

[00:00:28.650] - Zakia Ringgold

I was not going to make baby girl walk around the corner just so that I could scope. How are you? Been away from periscope for a little okay. And you know what? That may be a part of your Matrix that you got to step out of for a little bit.

[00:00:41.400] - Zakia Ringgold

So I titled this quote, step out of the Matrix for 2016. Good morning. And you're calling me a hottie. I love that. Well, I'm going to take it.

[00:00:52.290] - Zakia Ringgold

You know what they say when somebody gives you a compliment, you just take it and smile, and you don't dumb it down. So what I wanted to talk about was stepping out of The Matrix, but there is a secret, and that Matrix, and I've been talking a lot about this in Perry Soap school is the whole concept of it's supposed to be a certain way. But the secret behind that and being successful in that is you don't go around telling everybody that this is what I'm going to do. Good morning at 630 in the morning. You have a great day.

[00:01:24.670] - Zakia Ringgold

You too, Laura. You don't tell anybody what it is that you're attempting to do. The whole idea of the Matrix. And I get off track, but you guys can help me to either stay off track or get on track. Freezing in Moscow.

[00:01:39.200] - Zakia Ringgold

You're in Russia. Oh, my God, you're in a sleeping bag. And I'm going to tell you guys a story, and I'm going to try and protect as many people as I can in this story, but it's very important. Head to head out. We'll check back with you later.

[00:01:59.580] - Zakia Ringgold

Okay, have a good day.

[00:02:03.290] - Zakia Ringgold

So there was a person that I knew, and this is going to suck because you know how you're supposed to be very genuine on Periscope? People can really start seeing through hi, see you later. People can start seeing through your crap as you try to sugarcoat stuff, which isn't really the best policy for periscope, but I need to do that for this story. So this girl had a dream, and she didn't really tell a lot of people. Wow, you can actually hear the rain drop.

[00:02:40.340] - Zakia Ringgold

So maybe that's telling me, don't tell the story. Don't tell the story. And so she decided to tell one person in particular because it had came to her that this is the person that could probably help her. And so she told the person, and so she told this person.

[00:03:03.230] - Zakia Ringgold

They proceeded to tell several other people, and the story got completely discombobulated. And it turns out that the person that she shared the story with was actually planning and praying and hoping for it to come out terrible. They were just pretty much preying on the downfall and hoping that it would fail. Not because they wanted the individual to fail, but because they had never in my battery as well, and because they had never dreamed of not working for another person. So they couldn't see the vision beyond what that individual was especially.

[00:03:46.020] - Zakia Ringgold

And I don't know what it is about what we teach our kids or what's ingrained in us as people to feel like, either, one, we're entitled to something or two, the way of living is to slave and work every single day. And I'm not saying that I'm a slave and I work every day. I actually love the work that I do. I absolutely love what I do. But there came a point when I realized that I was putting everything into building someone else's dream while at the same time creating my own nightmare.

[00:04:24.370] - Zakia Ringgold

So I don't know if that makes sense to anyone, but I say dream big. For one, there's no glory in playing small at all. There's no glory in it at all. And if you have a dream, it's the same thing. Like, if you have a newborn baby, you wouldn't just hand that off to a stranger and say, oh, make sure you feed her.

[00:04:50.160] - Zakia Ringgold

You don't do that. That's what you do with a brand new baby. So why would you then turn over whatever it is that you're dreaming about and whatever you're hoping for to just anybody? And I thought that I had vetted that whole dream with someone that I could trust. But you never know what kind of wolves are lying in sheep's clothing.

[00:05:15.870] - Zakia Ringgold

I want you all to step out of the matrix. My brother, I don't know if he's still on here, but he has some amazing gifts and talents. When we were younger, we still call him Mr. Fixit. We still call him Mr.

[00:05:30.590] - Zakia Ringgold

Fixit to this day. He would take apart any electronic device and put it back together, never seeing an instruction manual, never seeing any type of things like that at all. But somehow marquita, you know, and we will be ready to throw stuff in the trash, but he would just tinker with it and it would be like brand new, like even better than it was before. And I'm hoping that he starts to dream big beyond what somebody tells him is possible or beyond the supposed to be supposed to be this way. And if you have people around you that are saying, oh, no, that's not realistic, well, who gives a damn about realistic?

[00:06:15.490] - Zakia Ringgold

Who really cares about realistic? Do you think Steve Jobs or any of those people thought realistic? Don't let anyone tell you that you're dreaming too big. Protect your dreams and make sure you step out of the matrix of it's supposed to be your bag. Anthony.

[00:06:37.800] - Zakia Ringgold

I just was singing your praises and you left. Now you come back, whatever. So I really hope that you all take the new year. And I'm not talking about January 1, 2016, I'm talking about whatever today's date is 2015. Make that your new year to decide.

[00:06:58.550] - Zakia Ringgold

Make the decision. The power in just making a decision and I love Will Smith. I absolutely love Will Smith. Strong motivator, right? The power of just making the decision and the choice that this is what it's going to be.

[00:07:14.330] - Zakia Ringgold

There is no plan B. There is no plan B. It's plan A for what you're doing in this moment right now, whether there is no option for failure. And I think that for me, that was why I was always so successful in my career, because when I look back at it and the awareness that I have now, there was never an option for me to fail in it, ever, because I had four people. Kia, you're amazing.

[00:07:43.200] - Zakia Ringgold

I am so proud of you. Thank you. Oh, you're welcome. You are very welcome. I have four eyes looking at me now.

[00:07:51.490] - Zakia Ringgold

I have four eyes looking at me. So failing in my career wasn't an option. So what I would do is I would study while I was there and then I would study some more after the fact, not just my job, but the industry that I was in, what our competitors were doing, how they were doing it. And then I would come back and make those suggestions and implementations at work. And then I said, well, what if I sprinkle just a little bit of that into what I see up here?

[00:08:21.420] - Zakia Ringgold

And you have to realize that other people aren't going to be able to see this. It's up to you to make that fruition. So don't look for any type of validation, confirmation from anyone external. When I started walking in what I really feel passionate about and what I really love, problems with time management. Can't organize myself.

[00:08:46.410] - Zakia Ringgold

Do one thing at a time. Do one thing. So when you get up in the morning, say, what's the one thing that I can do to advance this dream? And do that, and you'll notice that and make sure it's the most important thing. And I'm trying to think of his name.

[00:09:03.540] - Zakia Ringgold

It's not Steven Covey. Napoleon Hill. If you guys have not read Napoleon Hill, he has a book out Laws of Success. Outwitting the Devil is an amazing book. If you don't have time to sit down and read, download it on Audible.

[00:09:22.900] - Zakia Ringgold

You can listen to it while you're working, you're cooking and doing other things, but that is going to put a whole lot into perspective, especially around the education system, especially around how religious organizations end up programming you to really have fear. Outwitting the Devil. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. If you get that book and you actually listen to it, it's really up to you, the reader, to figure out who the devil is. Is the devil somebody that's in your mind that you've created and it's actually pulling you down?

[00:10:02.230] - Zakia Ringgold

Hey, Tisha. How are you? So if you get that book and then you start to actually walk in your own gifts and your own talents, try to find it in Russian. I don't know. Do you guys have access to Audible or Amazon?

[00:10:19.140] - Zakia Ringgold

Because I'm sure it's been translated into a million languages by this point. I'm sure. And if you're in Russian, can you understand me? If you can understand me, you can get the book. I don't speak good English.

[00:10:35.030] - Zakia Ringgold

I barely speak English. But you get my point, so get that book. You definitely want to get that book, and I really want all of you. And Tisha, you're joining late. Alchemist is awesome.

[00:10:46.600] - Zakia Ringgold

We were talking about Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, and he wrote that book over, I think it was in 1939. But his family was so afraid to let it out because he was talking about religious organizations, he was talking about the education system. He was talking about all of these various things and how they start to feed your fear and how you just won't try, and it kind of quells your creativity. And I started noticing that I was doing so much of that with my own daughters after I read the book in my own life with, you're supposed to dress this way, you're supposed to talk that way, you're supposed to do periscope this way. And I said, you know what?

[00:11:36.540] - Zakia Ringgold

Let me just step out of that. And that was my matrix. So figure out what your matrix is that you have been whirlwinding. I don't know. The right we're heard how to say that you have been playing over and over in your mind.

[00:11:50.840] - Zakia Ringgold

Sometimes I would be in situations, and I would feel like an alien from outer space because there was nobody that I could really connect with. That has changed recently. Yes. I had to let my daughters wear polka dots and stripe because she wanted to she wanted to write hey, Lorraine. And the thing about it is they start to create their own trends.

[00:12:12.870] - Zakia Ringgold

And I'm starting to notice that's pretty goddamn that's neat. I had made a very conscious decision in November of last year to turn the television off. Turn the television off. That is the biggest piece of advice I can give anybody.

[00:12:33.970] - Zakia Ringgold

I don't even know the right word for it. Good morning. Good morning. Kids watching cartoons, that's good too. But listen to the messages and the subliminal messages that those cartoons are giving kids.

[00:12:45.790] - Zakia Ringgold

It was a challenge to let her go outside like that, but I had to let her express herself, which is the most important part, because if you think about it, if you're constantly saying, oh, no. Pour your shirt up. Oh, no. Make sure your socks match, that's going to create second guessing for them. As they get older.

[00:13:04.430] - Zakia Ringgold

And it's going to be very hard for them to make their own decisions because they're looking for someone to validate them instead of, oh, I'm doing it this way because I like it. I'm doing it this way because this is the way I want it to be. And guess what? From that, who knows where she's going to go? She could probably end up being a fashion designer.

[00:13:25.030] - Zakia Ringgold

And I'm not saying that that's the end all be all, but she could have a whole following of people. They're actually selling Mitch Matt stocks now. They're selling stocks to go that way because so many kids have been trying to do it for so long, and us parents who have been taught and trained and drilled that this is the way that you're supposed to dress good morning, Poppy. That this is the way you're supposed to do it, and now mass media and marketing companies have picked up on that, and they're cashing in on it. Had we let our kids do that?

[00:13:57.360] - Zakia Ringgold

I don't watch TV. I watch Periscope shaking my head. I had to turn off notifications because I wasn't sleeping. Yeah, I have my cousin up in California 3 hours earlier than she's supposed to be because I didn't went live. So Zakia needs to go.

[00:14:09.830] - Zakia Ringgold

Thanks for life lessons. You're welcome. I read aloud secrets of millionaire minds to my children two years ago, and my nine year old says, oh, wait, wait. I'm waiting for what your nine year old says. They're probably already thinking like millionaires, and we're squashing it from them because we're thinking like people that are supposed to not be millionaires.

[00:14:30.020] - Zakia Ringgold

And KRS one says something in one of his reps. And I never understood hip hop for a long time, and that's because I was listening to the watered down version from Lil Wayne in that group. I listen to RnB and hip hop. I am money magnet. Every time she finds money anywhere, c.

[00:14:55.630] - Zakia Ringgold

But KRS one says something, and I'm going to get the line wrong. And somebody that I'm not as close to anymore was actually the first person to say it to me. But KRS one says the rich get richer because they think rich. The poor stay poor because their mind can't switch. Do you understand that?

[00:15:21.140] - Zakia Ringgold

The poor stay poor because their mind can't switch. And the rich think rich. We think about, oh, I have this bill to pay, I have this to do. We don't think about investing. We don't think about beyond tomorrow.

[00:15:36.790] - Zakia Ringgold

We don't think about the legacy that we're creating. We don't think about any of that stuff because we are trained to think, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills. How are you going to pay your bills? And then that's the fear that keeps you from stepping into, oh, I had this great idea, but oh, no, that's too scary, that's too scary. But turn off the TV and anthony, I don't know how I can express this to you, but you have some genius in your brain.

[00:16:08.240] - Zakia Ringgold

You really do. Bingo. That is the programming. And I don't know if you are on Catch Anthony, but if you guys are able to see on one of his broadcasts, he took apart a car, the entire inside of a car, in less than 30 minutes because he no longer wanted fabric in the car. And then he replaced it with leather upholstery the entire car.

[00:16:36.540] - Zakia Ringgold

He didn't read a manual on that, none of that. And before Periscope came out, maybe about three or four years ago, he had said he wished that there was a way that he could show the real world through his eyes. The hood, a day in the life. That's what he called it. And so when I saw Periscope come out, I said, you need to get on here.

[00:16:59.770] - Zakia Ringgold

Lately, we've been listening to Hamilton, which is a soundtrack. They retell the story of Alexander Hamilton, which was one of the Founding Fathers. He was the first person to do the treasury in the United States. But his story was untold for a very long time. But it's a soundtrack.

[00:17:20.510] - Zakia Ringgold

And what they did was they made it a hip hop rap. So most of the cast on Broadway, we all have genius inside of us. We must activate it by shifting our mindset. So important. So important.

[00:17:33.710] - Zakia Ringgold

But life throws some things at us. Yes, you're shifting your mindset. How are you going to pay this electric bill? How are you going to pay this mortgage? Yes, that car note, all of those things.

[00:17:46.240] - Zakia Ringgold

But then that comes from, again, living outside of your means and all of that other stuff. Not having a financial acumen that you should have, which I'm learning. But the beauty in all of that, and that's why one of the very first things that I said when I started joining Periscope is that every lesson that you go through, good, bad or indifferent, at some point, it's going to teach you what you need to know for the next step that you're going through. You are talking about your brother and his car. Oh, Lorraine, you saw it.

[00:18:18.830] - Zakia Ringgold

I'm sitting there and I'm like, oh. But I shouldn't have been surprised because I've watched him do it my entire life. Yeah. Hamilton's landmark home is in Harlem. Are you serious?

[00:18:30.530] - Zakia Ringgold

I don't know if any of you have Amazon Prime. You can download the soundtrack and it goes from the beginning to the end of his story on Amazon Prime. If you look up Hamilton, it's free and you can listen to the whole thing and it tells the entire story. And there's one song on there and it says, history has its eyes on you. Another part of the song is who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

[00:18:57.290] - Zakia Ringgold

And at the beginning of it, he says, I was younger than you are now. And I had dreams of living in glory. One thing that changes or one thing that I wish I knew. You have no control of who lives, who dies, and who tells your stories. And then he talks about, I'm not throwing away my shot.

[00:19:23.090] - Zakia Ringgold

Never satisfied. The fact that he's never satisfied. He's always working. Why do you write like you're running out of time, right, day and night, like you're running out of time? And I think about bloggers.

[00:19:34.950] - Zakia Ringgold

I think about people that are on video. This is your chance to tell your story. This is your chance. So even if you should drop dead tomorrow, you get a chance to tell that story. You get a chance to make sure that people understand what it is that you were attempting to do.

[00:19:55.770] - Zakia Ringgold

Your intentions may not necessarily translate into reality. You get it? So that's how I started on Periscope. I came on Periscope thinking that I could research how could corporate America start using this as a tool for training and development? Because that's what I do in my career.

[00:20:16.250] - Zakia Ringgold

And then I realized that there was a whole bunch of stuff with that. But I was learning something new every day. I taught myself an entire WordPress. I taught myself shopping cart, functionality, all kinds of stuff that I would have never had an interest in.

[00:20:39.150] - Zakia Ringgold

I surrounded myself with all kinds of motivational people. So if you're not on here really taking something in, you're doing yourself a disservice. If you're not sharing the world through your eyes, you're doing yourself a disservice. And you're doing the world a disservice. Because they need to know, they really absolutely need to know what it is that's happening through your eyes.

[00:21:06.320] - Zakia Ringgold

I will scope the soap at Whole Foods here in Ohio and tag you amazing. And it's natural soap. It's all natural soap. That's the thing about it. I say this all the time, but I'm going to get off my soapbox.

[00:21:20.630] - Zakia Ringgold

But I'm going to tell you a little bit about soap and why you need to use natural soap. Commercial soap is pretty much a detergent, so it dries your skin out. The whole purpose of that soap, the commercial soap that you buy, is so that you can buy all of the complimentary products because they take the glycerin out of it. And the glycerin is what moisturizes your skin. But when you use natural soap, it's actually a natural byproduct of natural soap is glycerin.

[00:21:50.630] - Zakia Ringgold

So all of that moisture is going right back into your skin. There's all kinds of chemicals in commercial soap and even Whole Foods has picked up on it and they're starting to sell natural soap in their stores. Just look at the ingredients. Look at the ingredients. I'm at 10%, I am in my car.

[00:22:08.640] - Zakia Ringgold

I can charge you guys up. So I still have a few people in here. I'm going to plug you in. So before I go, whoever is still in here do me a favor. Type your name, where you're from, what you scope about, laugh out loud.

[00:22:22.560] - Zakia Ringgold

You stay on your soapbox. Sleep right? I never get off. I'm always on there because it's something about a level of awareness, and once you become aware, nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing makes sense anymore.

[00:22:39.880] - Zakia Ringgold

I remember when my daughter brought home a fundraiser from school, and I love fundraisers. Don't get me wrong, high pastor, I love fundraisers. But then I looked at the psychology of it. I am still a walking dog. We need you on your soapbox.

[00:22:56.400] - Zakia Ringgold

Learning a lot from my little cousin. She brought home a flyer from school, and they had an auditorium full of kids, and they were getting them really hyped up about selling all of these products, and it was stuff that you could find in five and below the Dollar store, but they had a markup on them for about $15 or $20. And get this, if they sold 100 items, they would get $100. And so she was really excited. I mean, she was ready to start pounding the pavement up and down the street, up and down the street.

[00:23:39.950] - Zakia Ringgold

And I said, well, wait a minute. Nyla. If you sell 100 of these products, 100, you're going to hand them $1,500 minimum, and they're going to patch you on the back and say, Great job. Here's $100. I said, now, you like to make your own stuff.

[00:24:00.320] - Zakia Ringgold

You knit stuff. You make lip balm. You do all of these things. What if you got a group of your friends and told them they'll make $0.10 for everyone, they sell it for one dollars, they make ten cents, and then they give you $0.90 for every one of those. Girlfriend went in the house, started making her lip balm.

[00:24:21.630] - Zakia Ringgold

And I share that with all of you. To say the programming starts as early as preschool. The programming starts as early as daycare. I can't tell you how many fundraisers I've done over the years from the time my daughter was one. I'm paying you daycare, but I'm also getting you additional funds for some type of improvement.

[00:24:47.970] - Zakia Ringgold

But you love the title. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with working for anybody, but I think that a lot of people have dreams inside of them. I think a lot of people have let the world tell them that this is how far you can go. I'm telling you, this is the start of where you should begin, and this is where you should be going. Actually, there should be no goddamn ceiling.

[00:25:18.320] - Zakia Ringgold

There should be no ceiling at all. So time for me to step off my soapbox. It's time for me to go ahead and start doing some additional work. Will you make body wash? Did you see movie joy?

[00:25:31.360] - Zakia Ringgold

I have not. I will probably make body wash. The interesting thing is, I don't think I'm in the business of selling soap. I'm in the business of creating hope for people that don't have it.

[00:25:52.850] - Zakia Ringgold

And that's from my own experiences. That's it is from my own experiences. So I'm going to go. Have a great day. Bye.

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