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Step Out of the Matrix

Are you even aware of that a matrix exists? The truth of the matter is most people have completely different paradigms depending on their own unique experiences, perspectives and upbringing. Here is another letter from my younger self created in 2015 encouraging you to step out of the matrix.

Time stamps below:

1:30 – Don’t Tell Anybody What You Are Trying to Do

4:15 – Are you building your own dream or someone else’s

6:59 Make a Decision

9:15 Outwitting the Devil

12:20 Turn the TV Off

18:50 Hamilton History Has it’s Eyes on You

20:15 Look for the Lessons Beyond Your Initial Intentions

25:00 Kids and Fundraisers


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Zakia Ringold

Serial entrepreneur, certified soap maker, live streamer, mama of 2 and teacher at heart. Zakia is the Founder of Live Soap School an online academy, ByZakia a handmade soap company,  Virtual Experience Design Agency an event planning and production company and MoveBackstage a Software as a service for event organizers. She started all of her businesses online from her home and shares her lessons in an effort to inspire others to follow their dreams.