Solutions are Simple, Processes are Hard

Online Business Systems

When figuring out this online soap business I often find myself coming up with a million and one solutions.

Need to cut costs, find a less expensive soap supplier

Want to reach more people, leverage social media

Want to introduce a new product, make it

Not so fast little whipper snapper

A less expensive supplier doesn’t necessarily translate to higher quality ingredients for my cold process soap. What is their shipping timeline? Am I going to get the supplies in time for my next event? Is the company reputable? Now I need to setup another vendor in my quickbooks to keep track of the expenses…

Leverage Social Media you say

Social media is fun, and also a time hog! You can go on with the intention to do one thing and then all of a sudden look up an hour later and forget why you were there in the first place. Especially when you suffer from the shiny object disease. Facebook is an example of this time warp! I went on Facebook with the intention of checking out one of my favorite entrepreneurial groups to ask a question about hiring virtual assistants. Two hours later I was reading about sales copy, email campaigns and the power of mentoring…Nothing got completed on my original intent. Don’t even get me started with Instagram! I go on to post something I think is interesting and then BAM sucked back in!

See Instagram post below.

Introduce a new product

I’m sure my customers would love it…but do I know they will love it? If I introduce it and it’s vastly different that means I need new ingredients, new packaging, new photos, new new new. And each comes with it’s own set of processes. Solution Simple…Process HARD! Not to mention I still have a ton of product descriptions and products to be updated over at Natural Soap By Zakia!

Why are processes so hard?

For me the answer is simple. My brain! I bet many of you reading this are the same exact way. My brain throws a million things at me at once. During those moments I try to do each of them instead of focusing on one and creating a clear repeatable process to make the task easier. I am making the commitment to focus on one thing at a time and attempting to not allow myself to get so sidetracked. When we take the time to document a process we become far more efficient and stop wasting the one thing most of claim we need more of OUR PRECIOUS TIME.

I’m using this system to create some basic business processes to reign in all those grand ideas. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Until next time…

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