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The New Vegan Soap Cookbook

Learn how to make plant based soap from scratch with my newest book. This book includes supplies, ingredients, time tested and fool proof recipes and steps to get started. Eliminate the guesswork and get your book today.

Video Making Aloe Vera Recipe from the Vegan Soap Cookbook

Watch a replay of my livestream making one of my favorite recipes in the Vegan Soap Cookbook. See how easy it is to create your own homemade soap. 

Ready to start your own soap business?

Learn how to make soap from scratch, formulate your recipes and more in our Masterclass.

Need Help with getting started Online? Work 1:1 with Zakia

Soap Makers – I can help you with business questions, formulation questions and more. 

Online Business Systems – WordPress Websites, Online Stores, Email Marketing, Live Streaming, Chatbots and more I can help you.

Free 5 Day Online Business Challenge

Considering taking your business online? Join us for the Free 5 day challenge to get you started with the systems to bring your business online.

Challenge Starts November, 11 2018!

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