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How to Make Soap Book

How to Make and Sell Soap -  Answers to the Top 50 Questions 

By: Zakia Ringgold

Quickly Get Answers And Advice To The Top 50 Most Common Soap Questions. There Is Even A Section Devoted To Getting Started With Selling Your Handmade Soap. It’s All Delivered In A Concise Easy To Follow Format Without All Of The Fluff. If You Are Just Getting Started, Jump Start Your Soap Making Journey With How To Make And Sell Soap - Answers To The Top 50 Questions.

The New Soap Makers Cookbook Series

Ingredients for Success


This book outlines key ingredients to get you started while side stepping some of the most common missteps of many new soap makers. There are simple “ingredients” to shift your paradigm on your new craft going all the way up to cold process soap making.

How to Make Soap Book

Making Cold Process Soap 

The perfect cookbook for beginners who want to make natural handmade soap at home. This no-nonsense approach guides you along an easy to understand step by step process. Discover all of the basics including: soap safety, how to work with lye, supplies to get started, step by step soap making instructions, easy recipes with simple ingredients and more. 

How to Make Vegan Soap


The Vegan Soap Cookbook is packed with ingredients and recipes to make your own handmade soap using plant based ingredients. What you put on your skin goes into your skin. Your skin deserves vegan skincare.

About the Author

Zakia Ringgold

Author, Teacher, Tech Nerd & Certified Soap Maker

Zakia Ringgold

I’m the Author of the New Soap Maker Cookbook series and Creator of Live Soap School. I teach people around the world the art and science of soap making and technology behind running an online business. I live and live stream from Philadelphia, PA, with my two daughters: Nyla and Paige. I truly enjoy inspiring others to unlock their creativity through the craft of making soap while sharing my lessons learned through books, blogs, podcasts, classes and broadcasts.

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