Soap Makers Conference – My Experience at HSCG Annual Conference

Which soap makers conference should you attend?

While there are local and regional gatherings. The National conference is hosted annually on either the east coast or west coast. The Annual Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild (HSCG) conference has been happening for years and rarely does it disappoint. When my family asked where I was going, my response was Las Vegas….they looked excited. Then the second part of the sentence from me…For a soap conference. This part of the response created a look of being dazed, confused and maybe a sigh of relief (they wouldn’t have to listen to me discuss soap for the duration of my trip).

For most soap makers and hand crafted artisans we eat, sleep and breathe the craft. We blend our lives and other social interest but if you want to see us light up, ask about an ingredient, mold, fragrance or colorant. You have granted permission for an endless discussion on the latest techniques, trials and triumphs. The Soap Guild conference is a place where this is not only encouraged but EXPECTED!

What is it like to attend a Soap Conference?

Handcrafted artisans are some of the friendliest people you will meet. Some can be competitive but for the most part there is a sense that we’re all in this together.So here’s a general snapshot of what you can expect:

  • You are sure to meet a ton of people that you can share techniques, tips and tricks. The easiest question to spark up an amazing conversation “how did you get started”
  • You quickly learn that many have converted their hobby into a business or that they have accidentally fallen into a business.
  • You get to speak face to face with the owners of the companies that ship your lye, colorants, fragrances, additives, packaging and more. You can often place large orders at deep discounts right from the conference.
  • You can expect inspiring keynote addresses that help you to consider alternative perspectives or gain confirmation that your on the right track.
  • You can expect to learn something new in the field with packed session agendas.
  • You will probably be forced to make a decision between 2 must-see sessions happening simultaneously.
  • Expect to meet some soap crushes – read about that here
  • Expect inspiration, ideas and new concepts
  • Meet the leadership of the Soap Guild

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