Soap Maker Events For Beginners

Soap Maker Meetups are a great way to meet other makers in your area. After attending the Bubbles and Blazes gathering we did a live stream unboxing our goodies and discussed top reasons to attend gatherings.

Here are my top 3 reasons for attending local Soap Maker events.

1. Soap Maker Meetups are a great way to learn soap making at events near you

Typically at a gathering you are able to interact with new and experienced makers. There are usually educational sessions that you can participate in and learn how to make soap and other cosmetics. In the recent meetup I attended we had demos on cream soap making and I will be adding this to my product lineup.

2. De-stashes allow you to get supplies and packaging inexpensively

A de-stash is a way for makers to get rid of the clutter in their soap studio. We all buy more than we can use. At soap maker meetups you can sell your unused items and buy someone elses unused items at a discounted price.

3. Meet other Makers

You can meet people from all walks of life. Many will be experienced and others will be new. I have found that local meetups tend to be the best place to develop friendships and extend your business network.

Watch this live stream of our unboxing and discussion of my experience at a Soap Maker Meetup.



Video Transcript




  1. Super Power Soap

    This is awesome! I held one soapmaking meetup in Houston last year for beginners and it was a great time. I plan to host another! What are some upcoming soapmaking events you recommend? Thanks!

    • Zakia Ringgold

      I just had a soap maker from Houston reach out about gatherings near her. Are you still hosting them

  2. Jason Stouder

    You’re a good teacher.

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Thank you. That’s a great compliment and one I’ve heard quite a bit so I guess it’s true. Thanks for watching


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