Magazines and Meetups for Soap Makers

Magazines, Meetups and Organizations are a great way to stay up to date on the Soap and Cosmetic Industry. Starting and running a successful soap making business can be very overwhelming and there is always more to learn. This is a running list of organizations, magazines and support communities dedicated to handcrafted soap and cosmetic makers. The only way to grow is to continue to learn.

Organizations Dedicated to Soap and Cosmetics

Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild – This is still my all time favorite organizations for the handcrafted soap maker. They host an annual conference that covers a wide range of topics, offer professional insurance, have a very active members only community on Facebook and provide a wealth of advocacy on capitol hill for handcrafted artisans.

Indie Business Network – Another collective that has a very active Facebook community for members, they provide educational resources and a supportive community for new and experienced product makers. If your into get aways Indie Business Network hosts an annual retreat full of relaxation and education for makers.

Magazines for the Handcrafted Soap Maker

These publishers create print and digital magazines targeted to the handmade artisan. You are sure to find inspiration and more within these pages.

Making Soap, Cosmetics & Candles – a bi-monthly print and digital magazine for the ever increasing interest of making handcrafted soap, cosmetics and candles.

Dermascope – Digital and print magazine for skincare professionals. Offers community, product guide and library of ingredients.

Les Nouvelles Estique – Digital and print magazine that also offers listings of upcoming trade shows.

Global Cosmetic Magazine – Keep an eye on market trends while also further your knowledge on the cosmetic industry.

National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy – Looking to expand your aromatherapy knowledge, NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) has a wealth of resources, education and publications

Meetups and Local Gatherings for Soap Makers

Let’s face it we can only talk soap to our family and friends for so long before their eyes glaze over. Local Gatherings and Meetups provide the space and time to collaborate and learn from other handmade artisans  who want nothing more than to talk about the latest technique, swirls and fragrances.

Old Sage Apothecarian – This gathering is hosted in New York and it truly feels like you are getting together with a bunch of old friends. They offer several sessions, vendor door prizes, product swap, destash and more. It is hosted by Deb Sturdevant of The Country Artist soap and you can clearly see it is a labor of love.

Pittsburgh Soap Makers Gathering – This is more of an honorable mention as this gathering no longer exists. I attended for many years when I first started making soap.  Lori Chandler runs these with an army of volunteers to talk soap, vendor giveaways, door prizes and more. I presented a few years ago on how to make solid bubble bars and it was lot’s of fun. I’ve attended for the past two years and it’s absolutely worth the 5 hour drive. You can checkout my goodies and reflections here.

NE Bubbles and Blazes – Northeast Bubbles and Blazes has been going on for years and it’s success is truly a product of the organizer Beth Byrne’s dedication along with the volunteers to pull this off annually. It’s typically held in New York where up to 100 crafters gather for a soap swap, yard sale, educational sessions, soap contest and the wildly popular Yankee Swap. You can watch a live stream video discussion of my last meetup here.

Of course there are a ton of books on the subject… Shameless plug here for my books The New Soapmakers Cookbook series found here.

Have I left out any organizations, magazines or local gatherings? Leave them in the comments and I’ll update.  Until Next time…


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