Soap Curing Rack Ideas

What can you use to Cure Soap?

As a soap maker we get in our own habits for making, curing and storing soap. There are a wealth of ideas to cure soap and with a little imagination you may have your solution right in the house. When you are first getting started making soap an, empty shoe box or empty shelf would work to cure and store your soap. But if you are like many soap makers you start to make more and more handmade soap and your entire curing strategy may need to adjust. This is exactly where I found myself.

In this video I am doing a soap haul, unboxing my newest gadgets for curing soap. I lucked up as one of my favorite suppliers was having a buy one, get one free sale on these handy curing trays on wheels.

You can get your own curing rack and dolly here.

Why do we need to cure our soap?

If your new to soap making and wondering what this whole curing thing is all about, it is done to allow excess water to evaporate from the soap. This ensures a nice solid bar of soap that will last longer in the shower or tub. Typically after we cut our soap, we need to allow it to cure for an additional 2 to 6 weeks depending on the soap making process used. While it can be difficult to prolong actually using our newest creations. The patience of allowing it to cure will pay off in dividends with a long lasting mild bar of soap.

SoapLadyZ With Soap Curing Tray
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Tips for Curing Handmade Soap

  1. Ensure your bars are in a well ventilated area
  2. Temperature is important and you want to avoid humid areas. Remember handmade soap maintains glycerin and this attracts moisture from the air. Very humid areas can prolong the curing period. Make sure you are curing your soap in cool and dry areas.
  3. Continue to weigh your soap on a weekly or biweekly basis. Once it stops losing weight, your soap has cured and is ready for use.

Additional Ideas for Curing Soap

Consider using milk cartons as they are similar in design to the ones shown in the unboxing video and if you have a local grocer they may have plenty on hand for you Free of charge.

What do you use to cure your soap?

Until next time, check out this blog on tools I use on the show. It has additional links to other tools I use while broadcasting live.

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