Soap Calculators To Use With Your Handmade Recipes

You Need a Soap Calculator for Your Recipes

Let’s say you have found a great recipe online, in a group or in a forum or even in a book.

How do you know if it’s a good recipe?

How do you know it’s not lye heavy or if it calls for enough lye to make the soap?

When it comes to calculating any handmade soap recipes, you’ve got options with online soap calculators. Soap calculators are great tool for soap makers because:

  • They calculate the amount of lye you will need for your recipe
  • They can be used for bar soap and liquid soap
  • They calculate how much of each ingredient you will need specifically for the amount of soap you are making

Soap Calculator Round Up has to be one of the most popular lye and recipe calculators. This is also the one that caused so many to go searching for an alternative when the site was unresponsive. They have since corrected the issue and it’s back to working normally.  To use the calculator you enter the oils and percentages you want to use and it returns a recipe with the appropriate lye for your recipe. This calculator even has a handy app for you to calculate recipes on the go if you have an iPhone.

SoapGuild Lye Calculator – the handcrafted soap and cosmetic guild has a lye calculator and as their website states it’s different due to the ranges it offers. “The HSCG Lye Calculator is different than other lye calculators because you can see the expected range of the saponification value (SAP Value) of each oil and the actual SAP Value being used in the calculations. With this information, you can more accurately calculate the amount of lye needed for the oils YOU are using“. – is a fairly new contender on the market but it packs a powerful punch due to its community driven development and vast array of user submitted soap recipes. Check out soapee for the lye calculator, recipe database and a vibrant Reddit community. Right now the site appears to be offline.

The Sage – Majestic Mountain Sage is another soap Calculator used by handcrafted soap makers. This has a very simple interface making it easy to create your own soap recipes.

Next Steps

One size doesn’t fit all and there are many more to choose from. My recommendation is to try out each one and decide which one provides the ease of use, has all the ingredients you use in your formulas and simple results you are comfortable working with.

Imagine working out the perfect ingredient combo and then going online or having no internet connection and finding that you can’t actually run your recipe. Is it a good combination? Can you sub one ingredient for another? How do you read the recipe results to know if it will be good or not? This is one reason you should learn how to calculate  and create your recipes by hand. You will also need to manually calculate soap recipes to pass the soap certification exam. I teach this in Live Soap School and you can get more information here.

Until next time.

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