Soap Book Review to Help You Get Started Making Natural Soap

Aside from taking a soap making class the second best way to learn how to make handmade soap is through books. In this Natural Soap Book review I discuss my most recent read of “Natural Soap – Techniques & Recipes for Beautiful Handcrafted Soaps, Lotions and Balms By Melinda Cross.

What’s in this Soap Book?

Melinda Cross is a successful entrepreneur who has transitioned from the world of soap making to the world of consulting for small business owners. In this book she provides an overview of cold process soap making along with an extensive overview of ingredients and the qualities they offer your products. She then provides a simple process for getting started making your own natural soap with recipes for: gentle soap, fruit soap, scrub soap and your own at home spa recipes.

How this book is different from other soap making books?

Natural Soap introduces additional products and recipes including liquid soap, creams, balms, whips and melts and while the instructions are not extensive it is enough content to get the reader interested in exploring additional handmade products. It is obvious from the book introduction that the author is speaking from experience when she offers sage advice to the age old question “can you really make a living making and selling soap”. I agree with her response of “This is a dream market for an entrepreneur but your success or failure will depend on your business acumen, your creativity, your marketing skills and your product…in that order”.

Who should read this book?

People who are new to soap making will find this to be an easy read with some of the most common soap making terms clearly discussed. If you are curious about making additional products like creams and melts this offers some easy to follow instructions for getting started with the provided recipes. However if you are looking for an in-depth review of soap making and all of it’s nuances you will need to continue your research or consider taking a soap making class.

If you are a bookworm like me and you can’t get enough of soap books, I highly recommend  The New Soap Makers Cookbook these are soap books I wrote tailored for beginners.

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