Shrink Wrapping Soap: The Good, the Bad, and the Bubbly

Creating soap is a delicate art, and once you’ve created the perfect bar, you need to package it so that it will be protected and will stand out on store shelves in a way that will be attractive to customers.

Having so many different packaging options available to you, how are you supposed to choose the right one for your soaps? I stumbled on shrink wrapping and have continued to package my soaps with this method. In the live stream I demonstrated how I shrink wrap my soap.

I’m going to take a closer look at shrink wrapping soap in this blog post, comparing it to other packaging options, and evaluating the pros and cons of shrink wrapping soap. My hope is that this helps you to decide if shrink wrapping is right for your soap business. So, grab a bar of your favorite soap, and let’s start.

The obvious benefits of shrink wrapping soap

Among soap makers, shrink wrapping is a popular choice because it provides a number of advantages. In addition to protecting your soap against moisture and air, shrink wrap also helps you create a professionally-looking package that will stand out on store shelves. In addition, shrink wrapping will also protect your soap during the transportation process and storage process. It is an excellent barrier against moisture and air, which helps your soap last longer.

A number of other packaging options are also available, but shrink wrapping has a few advantages that make it a more cost-effective option than other types of packaging. It is a versatile packaging method that can be applied with a wide variety of shrink films and shrink wrapping machines, which can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of film thicknesses and soap sizes.

I have since upgraded my shrink wrapping system to save time and wrap more bars at one time. You can learn more about it here.

The disadvantage of shrink wrapping your soap

In addition to its many advantages, there are also a number of disadvantages, including the difficulty of getting the right temperature for sealing the shrink wrap, which can sometimes result in holes that need to be fixed. Some customers may be concerned that shrink wrap is not biodegradable and not environmentally friendly.

It can be challenging for customers to decide on whether or not to make a purchase because it can be difficult to smell the soap through the shrink wrap, which can make it difficult for them to make a purchase.

Other Packaging Options: 

Paper wraps, tins, boxes, and other packaging options can be more eco-friendly than shrink wrapping, but they can also be more expensive, and these options may not offer the same degree of protection and versatility that shrink wrapping offers. However, they offer more transparency and are more visually appealing.

Impulse SEaler I Used

In the video I demonstrated using an impulse sealer. It’s available on Amazon and I have included my affiliate link for it below.

Final notes

You should weigh the pros and cons of shrink wrapping soap before deciding on which packaging option is best for your soaps. Shrink wrapping has its pros and cons. Even though shrink wrapping offers a professional look and protection for your product, it may not be the best option for people who are concerned about the environment. There are other packaging options that might be a better fit in those cases, such as paper wrap, cans, and boxes.

The type of packaging that will be best for you will ultimately depend on what your specific requirements are.

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Okay. Hi, everybody. My name is Zakia Ringgold. I am the owner and operator of Natural, and I have cracked the code on getting my youngest daughter to go to sleep when I need her to go to sleep. Ginger Young.

How are you? How are you doing, my dear? Greg Lords. How are you? Paige is actually taking a nap in case if any of you come in wondering, like, what's happening.

Hey, special, how are you? So if you've ever been here for a soap shipping Saturday, I typically will lay some of the orders out here on the table so you can kind of get an idea of what my process is. Like. We do a lot of broadcast throughout the week where I'm telling you, oh, by the way, we're making this soap. By the way, I'm updating the website.

I'm doing good. I took page to the Please Touch Museum here in the city, and it's a really awesome hands on museum. So if you have young kids, especially in Philadelphia, it's a museum that encourages them to touch and feel and try different things out. There was a lady there who was an author who gave me an idea for a book. It was actually very interesting.

She actually had her author table set up, and then she also did, like, a little demonstration in their open area. And I'm sure she sold out of books today, so message. Message perfectly simple. Welcome to the broadcast. So I'm Zakia, and so we just came back.

Nyla is at a swim meet. Jewelry Pophar. I had no idea you were in the United Kingdom until I heard you speak today. I was like, oh, she's not from the US. She's from somewhere else.

So I had a really good day. And so what I try to do on my broadcast is kind of bring you all along on the journey, because I feel like what is missing in the entrepreneurial space is a real picture of the work effort that is required to actually fulfill what we're promising on social media. Whether that be a product, whether that be a service, whether that be a course, whether that be anything that you can buy online. There's so much that you see in front of the camera or in a timeline where you may miss it with what it actually takes, because this isn't even the end of the process. There is still the customer service side that happens with this, because once people get their orders, I'm looking for their feedback.

Some people tell me they love it. Some people tell me, hey, that took way too long to come. Some people tell me the one thing was I thought Triple Butter Blend had a scent. I don't know how anybody who watched my broadcast assumes that Triple Butter Blend has a scent. However, that has been feedback that I gotten, that I have received, which was the soap has no smell.

So, hey, edible sins. How are you? And so it does not end just because you have shipped something out. It still has to keep going to make sure that people are pleased with whatever it is that you are sending out and then getting that feedback, making changes. So this is almost the finale of the whole process because the first part is actually figuring out what I'm going to make.

The second part is making it. The third part is curing it. The fourth part is actually listing it on the website for sale, taking a picture that is semi okay so that people will actually want to buy it. Although I will say one of the benefits of me live streaming the making of the products. There have been at least 15 times in the past year that I have made a product and have just listed it with the name and it has sold out from the live streams because you guys have watched me make it and I didn't necessarily have a picture to take of it at the time.

So that has been a saving grace with live streaming. So after I take the picture and I post it, I then have to do all the marketing for it on social media as well. And then people start to order it now because I do still work full time. Sharia, thank you for joining me on this soap shipping day. Hello.

And for inviting your followers. We have about 17 people in here. It looks like about four of you are steady tapped in the screen, which is greatly appreciated. But I know a lot of you put a lot of faith when you are ordering products from people online because number one, you don't necessarily know if it's going to come. And I am a mom of two, and sometimes the ball does drop in my court where some people have had to wait like ten to twelve days from the time that they have placed their order.

I am hoping that when I go into my store, that will disappear. But there has never been a time where people have not received their product. And typically I'm going to look at the date on I know at least two of these are going to be refunded their shipping because of the time, but I do try to make up for it. I'll refund on the shipping or I will give like a bonus item and I'll write like a note of I'm sorry because I do understand. Thanks to that dag on Amazon where you just got packages arriving on Sunday, two days after you click order, by now it's just there.

That sets a different kind of expectation for online business owners. So I had one person who they ordered some things while I was live and one of them all right, so I got to go up. I got to go up. You guys can see, but I actually have four shelves of soaping. You're only seeing two shelves.

There's two more above that. And then I have seven curing racks in front of me. And then I also have a rack of soap, which is too heavy. There's about 120 bars on that wreck over there. So I'm up to about 600 bars of soap because and not to mention all of our foaming whipped soap, these babies right here, these are kind of brand new in terms of the scent here.

I've never done a lemon before, but I have about 50 of those off to the side. Like I'm running out of space. But I have to do this in preparation for the store. I have a show on February the 28th. I have a book signing on February the 23rd.

So I don't want to get to the point where I can't fulfill online orders and I can't stock the store. What did you do with the £30 that was too soft. You want the honest opinion and honest truth of that? It's still sitting over there by the freezer on the flow. Hold on.

You have just encouraged me to get that dish up. Hold on. Let me show you what I've done. I'm going to give you grab some now. People were saying, well, can you save it?

Can you do something with it? If it had not dropped no, I know by the looks, if it had not dropped on the floor, I would have been able to salvage it. But because this dish is on the floor, soft is all hell. All right, here's a piece of it. I'll pick this up.

This is what dropped. So I don't know if you guys have ever seen my 30 pound batches, but this is maybe about a quarter. Good evening, everyone. Wow. And you can imagine what it looks like.

Only thing, it's going to be very easy to mop the floor. This, because it was so big when I went to no, you don't. Not off the floor. Page is very questionable about the things she puts on the floor. So if you can imagine how big that block is when I went to pick it up, because it's so soft.

You can see it right there. Right there. You see how it did that? Imagine that whole thing, £30, just crumbling in my hands, and I can't catch it, can't do anything with it. So it's still kind of sitting there splatter tat tatted.

I came in and you're carrying this blob. This is the blob. Now, let me show you the Redemption pet shampoo. I'll take it. Well, it doesn't lather.

The problem is and I should at least test the PH on it the problem with this is I use the wrong sodium hydroxide or the wrong line I was supposed to use. I got to wash my hands, though.

No, it's such a baby lather. Hold on, guys.

That were hot.

It doesn't lather, so I wouldn't even want to send it to you as a doggy shampoo. But the good news is we did have a redemption bar of the triple butter blend, which is this one right here. But I used potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide. Walnut still cleanse. While my hands do feel nice and soft, but it was on the floor.

I cannot send you something that was on my floor. That is, like, horrible manufacturing practices. Hey, Ms. Francis, we're supposed to use good manufacturing practices. All right, so this person wants lemongrass.

Lemon, symphony, charcoal. Oh, this is Dreya.

Okay. Now, I don't know if you guys know Dreya, not Dreya from Live Soap School, but this is a person that comes on this broadcast all the time. And when I saw the full name, I was like, wait a minute, I know that person. So she's a live viewer, which tells me that she probably ordered while we were live, so she's going to get a nice live stream because this is her first order. I believe that it.

I'm talking about you, Dre. I'm going to really do something awesome because I don't know. Have you ordered from me before? I'm not sure. Lemon, symphony, charcoal, tea tree.

She got the build a box. Yes, you have. Okay. She got the build a box. And if you guys don't know, a builder box is a way for you to sell or to actually save, because you can choose any four items in the store.

Now, not that I'm promoting that you do this. If you think about it, one of these jars is $15. My bars are typically $9. So just with these two bars and you add another one, it's like you're getting a bar for free. It's like you're getting a free bar, but you get to build the box with the items that you want, and it's four items for $35.

And you really can't beat that, and you get some real high quality products. Drea, since you're here, would you want to try the lemon? Yes. That's a deal. This is the lemon.

It smells like a lemon cake. This is a foaming Whip soap or Mango Tango, which is this one here. Okay. You just said yeah, I was going to have you choose between any of them. That is an incredible deal.

Yes, it really is. So I'm going to give you the lemon one, and I'm telling you, a small amount goes a long way, and if you use this on aloofa bubbles for days in the shower, and it's very moisturizing. I added a little extra glycerin in here, so it's extra moisturizing. All right. Lemongrass, lemon symphony, charcoal, and tea tree.

What's missing? Lemon symphony.

I have that. And I'm also going to send you a bar of the Winter Wonderland. Now, I know Edible Sims is probably like, zakia, why are you sending all this extra product? Granddaughter asked last night if soaps were here. Tell her they're coming and worry you should have them by Monday or Tuesday at the latest because you're very close, and they do still do it on Sunday, even though the post office is close in front.

Hold on, Symphony. Okay, hold on. Let me check one other place, because I don't want to wrap it if I don't have to wrap it.

Yeah, here's. All right, so yours is done, but I still have plenty that I'm going to need to wrap. So what I do so this is for the people that are brand new to me. I print off the orders, and this is the way that I know that everything that was ordered is going to the right person. And I'll put that right on top of the order so that when I go to rat any soap, I need to go get me a builder box.

I'm telling you, it's such a great deal. And you choose any four items, any four. So I put all of those items on top of the order so that I know this goes to that particular person. This one here is very simple. They got a peppermint.

And I do know that this person ordered while we were live. So let's grab a bar of peppermint. Wait a minute. Things got to change a little bit. Let me see something.

I'm going to have to send a sample bar. And the reason for the sample bar is because shipping has changed. Shipping has definitely changed. All right. Then another person got two of the four packs of sample soap sets, and they paid shipping twice.

That was not what was supposed to happen.

He didn't put in the special. All right, let's put this over here. So this one got two bars. I'll put this here so you can kind of see, but I want to make sure the address doesn't show through like that. Right.

So what I do this one is requesting two bars of activated charcoal, and this one is two of the four pack sample soap sets. If you are trying to figure out what soap to get from me, I do recommend trying out the four pack sample soap sets. These actually give you four bars. They're like hotel size bars. And just for comparison, a regular bar, it's about this size, so it's like a quarter of what you would get, but you get four of these, and that allows you to test out how you like the soap.

Do you like the scent of it? Do you like the feel of it? It comes with peppermint, lavender. Of course, you get to sample our triple, but a blend, and then I just throw in any one, and I'm probably going to grab cherry almonds. So it comes with four that you get to try out.

And they're really small, really compact. And if you're traveling, they're great to travel with. Then I'm going to do kind of like a masculine blend.

No, I want to keep them similar because the same person ordered it. It's like, why this one got that one? Those would be great for gifts and for guests also. Yes, somebody ordered them as a gift set for the holidays. They got 30 bars of the sample size ones, of the peppermint one, and then 30 of the activated charcoal and kale and clay.

And it was naughty and nice. So this was like you were getting a lump of coal for Christmas. And then this was the nice I don't know how she named it, but I thought it was kind of clever. Two triple butter shaving and activated.

Well, he's getting activated charcoal.

I need another peppermint. I need another peppermint. Okay, so we have those that would be nice for Mother's Day gifts, like a little gift basket, a little gift ball. I agree, Miss Francis. All right, now we have to find two activated charcoals that are actually labeled so I don't have to do it again.

So here are two of those.

Now, this person also ordered live, so they do get a live bonus, too.

Put these off to the side because I'll be able to get this all in one package, and then that way I can refund any overage for the shipping charge. And then I take that and I put these two here so I know they are ready to get shrink wrapped and sent out. We got a lavender tranquility and I take me away bargain. Take me away now to Take Me Away bars were a little bit smaller than what I would have preferred.

So for those, I actually send out two. I actually send two boots. Two. To the people. That words are really articulate, I wouldn't say really artistic.

But these here, it has, like, the design on there, and then they got one of the lavender tearing quality back up we go boom. So we put that there, we move on to the next one, and we just keep going in that same vein. We got another four pack sample soap set.

Boom. Grab that peppermint, activate it.

Which one was that?

That's this one here. Jason, Claire, thank you for inviting your followers, palabri. Welcome to the broadcast. I don't think I've ever seen you live before. So this one got a lemon symphony, lavender tranquillity, and a four pack sample soap set.

So same thing. I grabbed them.

This one, I'm going to give them a lemon one instead of the peppermint. And then this one got beard wash, african black soap, black tie soap, and the tea tree soap. So they were trying to go all natural, it seems. So let me grab the beard. Beard wash.

And now what I'm also doing is seeing what is the plumbing soup? Is that saloon?

That was where we actually put plumbing stone in the bar. Don't order that one. I don't think I have anymore.

Yeah, that's gone. That shouldn't even be up there. Holy moly. Et. Jack.

Welcome to the broadcast. Hold on 1 second. Guys, guess what? This is the first week welcome, newcomers. This is the first week that I have not fulfilled a triple butter blend.

Has the storm finally settled? I think it has. I think it has. All right, so then what I do is I grab my whatever does not have a wrapping on it already. I now need to put them into the shrink wrap bag.

I don't know if you guys remember, triple butter always sells out. Not this week. None of those, which kind of makes me breathe a little easier. So these are shrink rat bags. So this is how they go from being these naked bars like this to a bar that is sealed like this.

So I'll put them inside of those until I get my boxes. Hello, dryer buds. How are you? I'm going to email you info on barbershop. Hopefully it will work out for beardwash.

Is it around the corner from you? Is it cliff? Is it the cliff? That would be incredible. All right, so we're putting each of these into the sealer bags.

And then what will happen is I then have to pull out some extra equipment. Our natural bar is okay to store in plastic. Yes. Head on pillow. Watch all your eyes.

The other place I mentioned that would be I got to get you. Did you put your phone number on here? Dreya? You had to. I'm going to give you a call after the broadcast because there's, like, two awesome opportunities.

When do I end the notes? In the notes section of your order. Hope you're doing great. I didn't know. Well, it asks you for your phone number.

If not, I have your email, so I will reach out to you that way. So I just keep doing that. And then what this also tells me is what additional labels I need to print now. Guys, if you are a soap maker, what you need to do allow my hindsight to be your 2020. As you are making your products, print the labels to go with them.

That includes the name of the product and the ingredients. As you can see, I am doing this at the time. Where it's going? Out. Carline I'm here from Brazil.

Well, Carline from Brazil, welcome to the broadcast. I'm going to pause for the call because we got about 20 of you in here and I haven't said who's here. Roll call. Tell me your name, where you are from. If this is your first time, put in a number one.

This is your second time, put in a number two. Can I get the colorful one? It's not on the site yet. Is that the one we just made? Hey there.

I'm doing what are you talking about? This one edible sends. I can send this one to you. However, it is under the premise that you understand the curing period. It must go through which is four weeks if you use it next week when it comes to you.

Hi, Wanda from Virginia. I cannot be held responsible for it lasting t -2 seconds. I will wait I will put. The date on there and everything. Yes, we still have not named it.

Damn it. Bot. Naughty boy. Welcome to the broadcast. As long as you will do that.

Yes. And you're going to notice it's going to be pretty cool. You'll actually get to see the curing process at home. Normally, I would not ship it out. And I think this bar is too high.

Holy molding. That's the other problem. We might got some issues with our charcoal and tea tree. We might got to find another option. I poured that one too high.

I was trying to be extra. Ms. Francis, is it kicking you out? Is it kicking you out? All right, here's the lavender one here.

And then they also got the take me away, which we just double up on. So edible sends. I'm going to send it to you. No, you had a phone call. I'm going to send it to you.

But we all see on here that you said you will not use it for four weeks. And because it's going to be losing weight, you're going to notice oh, no, I'll let you tell me. Well, I'm going to tell you because I need you to expect the unexpected. You're going to notice that it's going to lose weight. So when it comes to you, it's going to be completely sealed.

And as those four weeks go, you're going to notice that your shrink wrap is getting a little extra a little extra weight going around it. That's because the bar well, it may not do it as much.

No air is hitting it, so it's probably not. I need you to open it when you get it because you need that air to actually hit it so it can cure. But yeah, that's cool. Okay, I just buy in Superheart. So I have to log out.

Log in. Are you giving me super hearts? I'm 3000 super hearts away from doing that super broadcaster thing. Right. And I'll be able to cash out and get $200.

So if that's what you're about to do, sir. Thank you. All right. And there they go. Subaru.

Thank you for the subpart. I appreciate them. All right, so we've done those. Now we have to do the sample soap set. And for those, I use some gift wrap, which is on the other side of the table.

Carr toll dogan. Damn it, Perry. Darn it, Perry. Oh, they wanted black soap and the black tie.

Black tie. She said the black tie. What I did get, I got charcoal and tea tree. One tea tree, one black tie, one African black zoo. Okay.

All right. What was the one you made to your mom makes, too? That is the foam. Not the foaming whip. The body whip that is completely gone.

I don't have any more of that. Well, it's not completely gone. Hold on. That's the body frosting.

Guys. If you could see all of the containers that I have got going, it's looking a little cray. Cray. I only have that in lavender. I don't love the smell of it, but I love how it feels on the skin.

Edible sends. If you're ordering live, I can make this your bonus item if you are ordering now because I was actually sending out two what's in the sample kit this week. So this week the sample bars include well, we're actually doing two different samples, but primarily it's the lavender tranquility, it's the activated charcoal, the lemon symphony, and the triple butter blend. All four of these. But this particular person, I'm sending them a peppermint one in there because they specifically ask me about peppermint.

So I want to make sure they have it.

Let's continue because in my mind's eye, I really don't know where my scissors are. So I'm going to keep going with what I can do. And what I can do is phase two of the wrapping. About to look at this. Thank you, Yolanda.

I really need a new machine. However, I don't need a new machine. I need the inside of this machine because we have beat it to death. Honestly, like, this shouldn't still be hanging off. If yours is doing that, make sure that if you can push it back down.

This is what happens when you have people help. I don't even understand why it's out chosen. 199 welcome to the broadcast somebody just ordered. You guys are going to have me working until the post office closes. I see.

You guys are going to have me working until the post support soap lady info is in my bio. Thank you. Because I probably have not mentioned it one time. If you are interested in getting any of the soap that you see me making here live or actually shipping live today, you can go to my website. My link is in my bio, but the website is, not expedia, but Zakia.

And you can place your order there. I typically ship out every single Saturday and Sunday. Did you come up with the name? I did, but Instagram Live wasn't having it with me last night. I did, but I have to do it on Instagram Live.

I'm not sure if the person that named it is a periscope person or not. So if you guys don't know, please follow me on Instagram at Natural Soap by Zakia. I was running a competition for the colorful soap that Edible Sims just talked about. It was this one where I had everyone who is connected with me on Instagram submit a vote for what we should name this particular bar of soap and whoever wins, which was supposed to be announced last night. It's going to be announced today or tomorrow.

You don't like instagram. No, that's cool too. But if you are somebody who likes Instagram, I am natural soap by Zakia on there. And we will be doing the announcement of our contest winner on Instagram. I was about to say the day, but I have learned that you better be darn sure you're going to do it.

When you say you're going to do it, you don't get how to use it. Another order just came in. That soap almost looks like a lion. I know who that was. That was dryer.

Thank you so much. Dryer buzz. Dryer buzz. I have four whipped soaps right now. Two sample kits ordered and you got to let me know which one you want.

I have a lemon and it smells like lemon. It can be. Look at that. I don't know if you can see that consistency right there. My youngest granddaughter is about thank you, youngest granddaughter.

You're cool. So that is a lemon. We also have cucumber melon, which is a foamy with silk. That's one right? Dial.

Then you said lemon. It'll go with your lemonade OOH nause. It smell, but it's more of a lemon cape, not just a slice of lemon like you would get in the lemon symphony soap. The lemon symphony soap is a more citrusy one. The lemon foaming soap is more of a baked goodie.

And there's also Mango Tango. Mango Tango. It smells sweet. It smells like a baked sweet. Like a lemon cake is what it smells like.

So it doesn't smell like you just cut a lemon open but the lemon is there. But it smells like lemon cake. Smells like lemon cake. There's Mango Tango and then we did a vanilla bean dream which is actually scented. It actually smells like a cinnabon.

Do you guys make these stuff for I'm going to go ahead and block you. Now, normally now, usually I don't do this, but soap making me hungry. And then the back one follow up. Come on, come on. But you said lemon.

You're good with lemon.

And do you have a preference between the lemon soap or I guess if you're getting that the sun is home. Need a masculine sample. Is the charcoal is that soap or butter? It's definitely soap. Everything that I make is soap.

Some of her soaps looks like you could eat it.

I have the mystery bar and then I also have still a name, raging waters. These two are masculine. I know. Hey there, love life. How are you?

So these two are masculine. We call this one mystery, like Mr. Y play on words. And then this one is called Raging Waters because it acted a fool. It was supposed to be serene waters, but it was definitely not a serene process.

Black tie was good for men. Yes, but I only have like two. You know, my girls will fight for well, these I wouldn't say they're 100% masculine. I get a unisex off. Of both of them.

Don't ask me to describe it. We'll be here all day. Like, it kind of smells like zakia. Come on. Come on.

All right, so let's finish this part so that we can actually get these packages out. We got another one of you guys ordering so you won't see your package get done. Where is she's? Taking a nap. I took page.

Listen, you all didn't give me the Parenting Handbook 101. She must be she must be sleeping. The hardest thing for me to do is to get Paige to take a nap. She just hang into it, especially when she hears me say, hey, everybody, because that's like, her cue. Like, oh, we're live.

Okay, so we're doing it, mom. So I took her to the Please Touch Museum here in the city today. And when I tell you she ran all over that place, she's only been there for birthday parties. Hey, zebra. She's only going for birthday parties, not just where we were hanging out at the Please Touch Museum.

They have, like, an Alice in Wonderland exhibit there. You get to act like you're a cashier in a supermarket. You get to act like you're a doctor in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia exhibit. That's the best thing they could have did. All right, I'm going to let that be.

I'm going to let that little excess stay there. So she had a great time. And then, of course, she was making pizza, all kinds of stuff. Wore her little self out. My family is scared when I go live, except the dog.

The museum is great. She's going to remember that forever. She's been several times, but it's never just been her and I nyla is at an all day swim meet, and when I tell you all day I dropped her off at 07:00. It's not over until 08:00 tonight. And that was 07:00 this morning.

Ain't that much swimming in the world. And there's no way I could have had Page there that entire time. So I said, well, I can't have her stuck in the house all day, and as long as I get these packages to the post office, technically, we've made it for Soap Shipping Saturday. So that is how I am trying to keep my mommy guilt. Thank you.

That means a lot coming from you. Your kids show me that you definitely know what it means to be an amazing mom. But when you are doing so much with your time no mail Monday. I got to get it out today. Then when you're spending a lot of time chasing your dreams, because I feel like your dreams definitely get deferred or changed when kids come in the picture, because it's supposed to be all about them in the way that I try to sometimes I overcompensate, and it's always a coulda, should have, would have.

Why not try it this way? Kind of thing going. So today was like a mommy and me day where Paige got some quality time with mom and now I am reaping the rewards of that because she's knocked out sleep and I can now put on my soap maker hat and not feel guilty that I had her in the house all day. So it worked out. It worked out really well.

And like you said, she's going to remember that. She said, can we come back every day? No, we can't. But I'm thinking maybe next week we'll go skating and bowling. This is all soap.

This is all soap. We make handmade soap with using all plant based ingredients and we are fulfilling the orders that came in this week and a couple maybe about eight days ago. I typically try to ship out every single Saturday. Hello, how are you? I typically try and ship all orders that come out on Saturdays.

This was a little bit out of my control this time around, but we're back in it. We're back in this thing. And so what we're doing is I'm good. I'm glad to hear that. So I didn't tell you guys as we transitioned into what I was doing.

What I'm doing at this point is sealing the soap. And I'm sealing the soap so that I can shrink wrap the soap. And what you saw me do just now was rip this bag open because there was like a hole in there. And when I tried to apply my she said lemon. I believe both of you said lemon, which is telling me lemon.

What new soap 2019? I have the lemon. Lemon is probably pretty big right now. I have the lemon whipped soap. I also have the lemongrass and eucalyptus soap.

We have our unnamed soap, which is this one here. And then we also have the mystery soap. I should probably be looking to see if you're asking you additional questions. We also have the mystery soap, which is this one right here. And then we also have Raging Waters, which is this one here.

A rainbow. We have a plethora of items for you to choose. Someone else just placed an order. Thank you for doing that. All of you are very cool.

I appreciate all of your orders while we are live and somebody said you can support my broadcast and my business by going to the links that are in my bio. My website is Have Damiana soap Nation is showing up and showing out. Thank you for coming on to the broadcast. And so what I'm showing you is one more process that I go through with this soap business.

I'm from Philip. Philip? Well, North Philly, but the song still works. Hey, miko. The song still works.

Even though I wasn't born in West Philly, I was born in North Philly. And that's where I am from. I don't necessarily reside in the same place that I'm from, but I'm still in Philadelphia. Hey, Miko. Good to see you.

Perry cousin. I have not seen you in a while. How are you? Hey there. Thank you for tweeting it out on Twitter.

You're cool. So this is the other part. Thank you for inviting your followers as well. We make the soap throughout the week. Then there are several rotations of the soap that happen.

So some soap has been cured and is ready to go. From Florida, I have a very good friend that I met here on Periscope from Florida. I think it's Winter Garden. We need more sweet scent. Z.

Yeah. So not necessarily fruity, but more sweet. Give me some examples of sweet scent you would want to see.

Okay, that's cool.

How much for the soap? So my soap ranges in price between $8 and $15. The soap that is $15 is my foaming whipped soap. I don't have sandalwood. Sandalwood is a very expensive essential oil.

Do you see the new Facebook Watch feature? You go live while showing I did one caramel. Hello from Houston. I love black business. I'm happy for you.

Do you support them as well? Share me out. You can share me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, wherever social media you're on, I'm there. If you bathe, I can help you because I make him a natural soap and tell a friend. And tell a friend amen.

Yes, I do. You bathe. You bathe. Cool. I've got soap for you.

And so I typically make most of my products live. But that face. Let's go back because yes, I tried that Facebook Watch feature this morning I was watching a video on Facebook and whenever it makes me literally support master soap lady, all information in her bio, more frosting lol support going, I bathe and I support I figured you bathe. You would not come onto a soap making broadcast if you did not. But all of my information is on my website.

I absolutely, positively love livestreaming and I definitely love making soap. So it's kind of like a match made in heaven for me with periscope and soap making. I kind of get to blend the two. What is your sample soapbox? I'm so glad you asked.

That is for people who are not ready to quite commit or you're traveling or you just want to have like a bevy of soap products. So I have to wrap these, which we will do. But it comes with four bar. It's kind of like a deck of it comes with four bars of soap which are like a hotel size bar. They're not all exactly the same size, but it allows you to test out the lather, test out the scent, test out how it makes your skin feel before you commit to a larger full size bar.

And you get all four for $10. Love the shape. So pretty. And it's and it makes a really good gift. It makes an awesome item for you to travel.

So who wants to use that stuff that's in the hotel rooms. Not I. What hotel you stay in that Four Seasons.

Back to the Facebook live thing on the jigger. Back to what we were talking about with the Facebook live. Whenever I literally lol video on Facebook, I'll try and do like a watch kind of thing. Probably not the best strategy. However, when I did it, it had like that little camera thing on there and it was like show your reaction.

Now, if you have seen the popular, popular videos on Facebook, I guess it depends on your timeline. But a lot of what I see on my timeline are people doing their reaction to watching something. Hotel soaps. You need ten little bars to get half clean. Now I get it.

Well, not these hotel size bars. You will get at least three washes out of these sample size bars. And the idea is so that you get a really good feel for if this is a product that you want to use, one that you want to recommend. A lot of you are very active on social media. I do have an ambassador program.

What is the best seller? Well, surprisingly, I was going to say triple butter blend. Historically that has been that's why he asked what hotel you said. Now I got it when you said that. Hey, you.

First sight. Typically triple butter blend, but I would say this week it's lavender tranquility. Lavender tranquility takes the wind this week for most popular in the activated charcoal and tea tree. So if you're looking for a very cleansing bar of silk, I would go for the activated charcoal and tea tree, which is this one here. If you are looking for an aromatherapy kind of bar, a lot of people love triple butter blend.

Men love shaving with it as well. For men, hands down black tie, it's probably showing you that that's sold out. Let me correct that now because I restocked that. Let me correct that. For men, I would say go with the black tie.

And if you order now during the broadcast, I will send you a sample of the mystery bar because that's not even listed. I'm always showing you all my password. Turn everything around. Zakia. Love the name.

Black tie is super nice. It's a very cleansing bar and it has a very clean scent to it that is definitely masculine. Two of you just I got like a back to back order situation going on. Thank you for placing an order while we are live. I greatly appreciate it.

I will make sure that your order is included in tonight's shipment. I just ordered your sample box and your box. Thank you. Thank you very much. I think we got about seven during this broadcast, so I thought somebody got the leavens of body frost and good choice.

I meant book. You got my book. Is that available on my website?

Good thing I just got some more in. Book in a bar yes. Which book do you want? Choyan. So you got the triple butter blend.

So I actually have three books available. That book in a bar set went up when I first wrote my very first book. Guys, if you are interested in learning how to make soap, this is a great segue. I am the author of three soap making books here. So I'm asking you, because you're here live now and you just ordered this one is if you are in any kind of hand crafted business and you are looking for some of those key ingredients for being successful, it gives you a very basic introduction to making soap, the steps to make the soap, the ingredients and three basic recipes.

Now, the book that followed up behind that is the new soap makers. Cookbook making cold processed soap from scratch. This one goes into a lot more detail into the soap making process using cold processed soap. Then there are several recipes for you to try your hand at without breaking the bank, trying to get very exotic fragrance oils, essential oils or butters. That's not really going to do nothing but label appeal, not really make any great addition to the product itself.

And then if you already know how to make soap and you just want to get your hand on some ingredients to try them out, that is where my third book came out, which is the new vegan soap cookbook, Making Plant Based Soap From Scratch. So I have three of them available, built in in videos too. Yes. The third book is a little bit different from the other one. The third book, what I did was I actually embedded you want the second book?

Okay, no problem. But this might deter you. What is your best healing soap? Triple butter blend. Triple Butter Blend for shorts, the most moisturizing soap that I have.

If you are suffering from oily skin, acne prone skin, bless you in your business and abundantly above all, you can ask. Thank you. I would go with the activated charcoal in Kalen Clay or the activated charcoal in Tea Tree. Severely dry skin. I would say triple butter blend for severely dry skin.

What triple Butter Blend for severely dry skin. What? Triple Butter? Triple Butter. All right.

Third book only because I didn't tell you guys, is we actually embedded QR codes that will take you to additional resources online. That includes videos, that includes where you go and what you would do is you just take your cell phone, you scan the picture and it takes you to a website that has additional information. So that's only available in the third book. However, there are links to resources in the second book. I didn't think about doing QR codes to the last book.

It's only getting better with time. I'm stepping it up each time. So I just continue to try and make it easier for people as they invest in me. And I can invest in them. So I feel like I'm missing a bar of this.

Yeah, this one here. Book two and three are must have if you're just getting started. This one. If you really, really want to know the ins and out of making soap without all of the fluff, I am a no Fluff writer. You want to know why?

I'm going to show you guys why I'm a no Fluff writer. I'm going to show you right now I can't get rid of all.

So this is just a part of my library that made me the soap maker I am today. I guarantee she brings out a thick no, not of thick books, several thick books. I have read almost 50 soapmaking books or handcrafted skincare books. And the reason I even wrote my books is because I would get through those, and I would say, why the hell did they give me those extra 200 pages? You don't need it.

And so the purpose behind the new Soap Makers Cookbook series is to give you the information that you need so you can be successful. If you're looking for pretty pictures, instagram is great. Pinterest is fantastic if you want to actually learn how to do it.

Okay, so that's all I got to say about that. And this is not half of the books that I own on soap making. But that's why we went to no Fluff way, because I was like, Why in the world? It was what I wish I would have found when I was learning how to make soap. And the reason I brought all of those books is because I could not learn.

I could not learn what was out there in video. I would get more confused, because if you ask 50 soap makers the same question, you are liable to get 50 answers. Not saying that they're wrong answers, but you don't understand the science on the why. I need to pick your brain for some knowledge. I am pondering a hand foot cream making one.

I actually have a book that was actually pretty good. I'll send you a link to it. Me, too. I have one. It's actually at the top of it.

It's actually right there at the top. Let me see something. This one wasn't half bad, but what did you say you were looking to make? Hand foot cream. Hair care.

Beautiful skin, hair and nails. Apothecary Tools of trade. Body care. This has face care, face cleansers, astringents, facial scrubs with my foot, foot care, feeling footloose and Fancy free. It's in chapter four.

The only problem is you probably still have to do a lot of research on the ingredients. This will give you recipes, but it doesn't tell you why you're using what you're using. Let me see.

Astringent, acne, fresh minty hydrating, tonic. I mean, yeah, the Y is more important than add this at this, at that.

Sorry. They have an herbal facial seam. It sounds like no one book has it all. You have to read them all to get a clear picture. I wouldn't say you got to read them all, but you got to make yourself a list of what's important.

Like as you start asking those why questions. Create your own. Study. It's somewhere in here. And we're getting off topic.

We're getting off topic. So I'll send you the link to this. All right.

Making sure everything the same one take Me Away is the one that's just hanging out, taking forever to actually do its thing. So now what we're doing, guys, is we've made the soap. The soap has cured with the exception of the 1 bar Edible Sends has just requested.

And for the orders that came in, I want to get these done and then I'm going to print those and do it again. Whoever just placed that order, you are fantastical. Then we go with our heat gun. Because right now this bag is a little extra, little extra. So what I have to do is plug this in unplug.

This is dealer. And then we take the heat gun. If you are working with a heat gun, the trick is to adjust your temperature. How long is the curing stage? Four to six weeks.

And depending on if you are able to finagle your recipes, you can get that down to about two weeks. I don't recommend doing that all the time, but sometimes in a pinch, you might need to don't get too close to the soap. And, you know, I used to do that all the time. And I also have turned this down so that it does not pop in pierce so it's not too high. And then if you're constantly moving it around, it will seal the bar.

So it goes from being juicy like this one to a bar that is completely sealed. Juicy like this one, to a bar that is now sealed. And then, so we do the same thing, working our way around.

And this is the part that I am so nervous about delegating because it took me hi, Zakia. I'm doing hey, Johnny, how are you? Thank you for saying hello as you step into the broadcast. It took me a long time to not pop these. And this is also the first thing that I want to delegate.

Good evening. Happy Saturday. Because it's very time consuming. So as somebody is doing this, I could be building something for the website or whatever.

However, it's very important for me to delegate this because it's very time consuming. I'm glad you are here. I am very glad that you are here. And if you do it wrong, you'll end up with a hole in your soap. Not in your soap, but in the plastic.

It's a great job for a retiree. Yes. And depending on the size of the hole, you could take a label and cover that up. And I know some employees would take that shortcut of putting that label over it, because the job is done in their eyes. But once it goes to the customer, it's not done.

And then that reflects on the brand and all of that. But that is the one thing that I must delegate when I go into this. There is no way I can run a store in shrinkwrap soup. Can't do it. Although I would love to.

I have to maybe have like a quality control check. I do have a shop. I'll be opening my shop in the next few months. Lol. That is the great news of 2019.

Somebody asked what new soap we have. I haven't really been focusing on new soap. Have you picked a name for the skittles in it soap yet? We were supposed to do that yesterday, but I didn't get around to it. Cool.

God is good all the time. It's brilliant news to hear. That is why I haven't been so focused on, oh, let's do this. New soap, new soap, new soap. New soap.

New soap. Try and say that three times fast because I have to make sure that the things that have historically worked are going to continue to work in the new space. So if I started introducing all these additional variables with new products, then I could be cutting my nose off to spite my face. And so there are a few new ones. There's a completely new line for the store that I think is going to be very exciting.

We had a live broadcast and I realized how many of my viewers absolutely, positively love alcohol and mixed drinks or beer or wine. Test out what works first and slowly introduce new stuff. Yes. So I will have a new line of soap, but that's not until the store opens. Yeah.

You guys are not alcoholics, but you're very familiar with the various kinds of alcohol that are out there. So that works very well. Now, as you can see, I've been looking up. I have not punctured a single one of these bags. If you were around in my initial broadcast, one out of every two, I was redoing.

You mean alcohol educated? Yes. You're very educated on your whiskey, your gins, your vodkas, different kinds of beer.

It was very eye opening for the people that watch the broadcast. Will your soap kitchen be at the store? It will be at the store. So the new space actually has a retail space which is in the very front of the store. Then the middle of the store is a workshop area, consulting area, where I can seat up to 25 people.

And then the back of the store is very similar to the space that I have here with a sink and a counter off to the side. So I'll have my live production studio, which will make it very possible for us to continue Super Soap Sunday broadcasted and live locally. That's even better. Good for you. Yes.

I'm very excited. Like, we are going to have a real deal live soap opera on Sundays, which I think is pretty incredible. And I get my whole house back because the soap has definitely decided that we don't live here. A good place for a soap maker who is a great place for me. Super scope.

SCOPer. Scooper soap opera. I love it. Now you have a place that is versatile. Yes.

The interesting thing is I used to go by the new soap. Like, there have been so many iterations of what this has become, and one of the very first things that I did here on Periscope was the new soap opera. But I got nervous about copyright and trademark infringement or anything like that. So I didn't want the soaps to turn around and say, oh, she's doing something she shouldn't be doing. And so I kind of cut that.

Can't tell me what I can't do with my stove. I'm just saying. And it works for Super Soap Sunday. All right. Where people come in, we have the chairs laid out.

Can you guys follow with me? We have the chairs laid out for everybody.

I can't do BYOB because getting a liquor license just isn't happening. But I have a restaurant directly across the street where we can do partnerships. There's a bakery directly across the street where I can partner with to have. So it's growing their business. At the same time, they will be telling their clientele about this thing that is right across the street.

And what is it that people want? They want to get away for a little while. So we've done that part. The next part is figuring out what labels I already have. Bring on the bagels and the donuts.

Sounds like the China production. All right, let's grab these because we now have to find out what labels I need to print. So let's see what we already have. I don't understand that. It's your soap.

They just hate it. Who's hating? No, I got nervous. Great community links. You're so well organized.

And you know what? That goes back to the just doing what it is that you say you're going to do because all those other things start to just align automatically without you having to do a whole lot. I make it look good, but there is definitely a guardian angel sitting, like right here and right here. You know how some people have angel devil? I have a guardian angel here and one right on the other side, for sure.

So what I then do, we have sealed the soap, and now what I'm doing is I am putting the label of what the soap is on the front, your focus. And thank you. It's very interesting.

And I can say that I didn't see it because I've always pictured what I've been doing here as a living, breathing documentary. If you guys have been around with me for a long time. There was a particular soundtrack that absolutely, positively moved me when I was really in the grips of my depression. And it was the Alexander Hamilton soundtrack. And I would listen to that soundtrack on repeat.

I do. And when I would listen to that soundtrack, there was a particular line, and he would say, who lives, who dies, who tells your story? You have no control of that. You have no control of who lives, who dies and who tells your story. And then there was also a line where his wife, his kids, the people around him, they never understood why he worked so much, why he worked so hard.

They said, Why do you write like you're running out of time? Fight day and night like you're running out of time? Write day and night like you're running out of time. And it wasn't until after he had died that they said, we understand now why you did, because it always feels like there's more that you can do. It always feels like there's somebody else that you could have impacted.

And that particular soundtrack, at that particular time in my life, when I was going through all of the things I was going through, it struck a chord. It struck a chord that I have not been able to shake it. It's just been there. And so I know I got lavender tranquility. If I have nothing else, I better have that.

Boom. What did I say? People? Share this out info in Bio. She's the best soap.

Thank you for always reminding me to say, guys, if you're not already following me, make sure that you are.

Maybe you're not interested in what I have today, but hopefully you're interested in what I have tomorrow. Join my mailing I think it's the same way. You're leaving a legacy behind and you're actively creating it. You are actively, actively creating that legacy, which I think is so powerful.

So that was the impetus behind it. And so he needs his African blood soap. Dryer buzz is back. How are you? We were just talking about Hamilton.

Still have not seen the day on play. They want like, a bazillion dollars. They're in Philadelphia this year. The lowest ticket is 400 some odd dollars. Somebody did tell me they are playing in Chicago.

And I was thinking maybe road tripping with Nyla for spring break. And taking her always teaching your children by example to couch, that was a butt. So I was thinking maybe we could do, like, a weekend road trip for that show. Take me away.

Don't have to reprint that. So what we're doing now is still taking forever. I know. Thank you guys for hanging out with me, but this is my solitude where I don't have page saying, mom, mom. She's on an award show for how many times she could say mom in two minutes.

What don't I have a label for?

I need a shorter. Bar of the activated charcoal and tea tree because that one is too tall. Hold on, guys. I'm going upstairs. You guys stay right there.

Yeah. And then I'll come back. Oh, I don't like the way that's cut less than every bit of it. Makes me want to pick my hair out. Paige was so cute making that.

She thought she was Luigi or somebody, but she loved it. Couldn't tell her she wasn't. All right, here's a shorter one, because I'm not fighting with that shrink, right today. Not the Dayton, not the day. Oh, your hair.

I'm trying to figure out a style. Nobody will do finger waves for me. Say my hair is too thick. Okay, whatever.

What do you mean? Hey, put an afro pick in it. I love it. I use an afro pick to pick it out. I actually use an afro pick to pick my hair out to brown.

I'm not ready. I wasn't ready. I see fire engine red. I can't wait to see it. Then when did you change it?

Have you been live since you changed it? It could be an olive annual business. But I'm serious. I have not seen it. Not red, I don't think.

I'm sorry, guys. I got to switch to seal it off. Is the green soap, the hemp soap from the other night. Wait a minute. Where did the green hair come from and why?

Yes, subtle change. Okay. Green hair and blue hair. Short and sassy. It's so pretty.

No, that's not the hemp seed soap. I got to answer about four questions at one time, so if I miss it, repeat it. The hemp seed soap that we made the other night is this one here. It was kind of sort of a fail, but it still is beautiful. And the only reason I say it was a fail, because when we cut it yesterday, there was excess oil on the bar.

What has now happened is that oil that oil has evaporated. And so now we actually have the full bar of the hemp seed oil soap. However, because me, in my mind, I was just redoing this thing, I cut them jagged. I cut them jagged, and I didn't like the lather on them. I really like a creamy lather.

It doesn't have to be like, these really huge bubbles. But there's a certain lather that I'm looking for in the soap that I make so that it is conditioning. And so hello. How are you? And so when I didn't get that, I just assumed, let's go ahead and remake it.

The green soap that you are looking at is the mystery bar. And it sounds weird when I say it that way, but it's really mystery. Wow. So close, yet so good for muscle painting. We talked about this on the broadcast yesterday, too.

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil offer two different properties. The hemp seed oil soap is coming from the hemp seed, which is going to give you more of the conditioning and moisturizing. The CBD oil, which has a whole other slew of problems with it, is going to give you the medicinal properties that you're looking for with that pain management, because it has that percentage of THC in there. Hemp seed oil comes from the actual hemp seed, and CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, which is why you get that percentage of THC in there. You told us about the time you got the two mixed up.

What two CBD and hemp seeds or sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. I won't do that again. And relaxing in the tub. Now, this is going to be a pain right? Now, I remember you said you made a batch and got two ingredients mixed up.

I showed that. Watch the replay on this broadcast. This is actually, like, bubbling up, and I need, like, a little pin to stick in there, otherwise this is going to pop. I'm going to just relax. Give it a moment.

I showed that on the beginning of this broadcast. Somebody said, did you ever pick that soap up? There are two great kinds of lie in this world. One is sodium hydroxide, and the other is I do make bass. The other is potassium hydroxide.

Me and my rushing self, thinking that I just know everything. I don't need to double check and cross check everything that I do. I made my 30 pound batch of triple butter blends using the wrong kind of lie, which ended up being a very soft batch of soap. So when I went to lift it up, it completely broke and then it crumbled on the floor. And somebody asked me, well, did you ever get that soap up?

And you can't really lie when you're looking at people, because my face tells the story. Like, I could say something, but you're probably going to be like, why your face looks like that, though. So no, the soap is still sitting there because I can't bring myself to trash that much oil. And then you guys are saying, well, can you sell it? Can you salvage it?

Can you save it? No, because it's hit the floor. And good manufacturing practices mean, would you really want to bathe with something that was on the floor at some point? Like that's? Like a complete oxymoron?

Well, they were saying they would use it for their pets, so maybe that's an oxymoron. You cannot have dirty soap. Contamination. Couldn't take the risk. No, not in our litigate society.

What's this hair in there? Is that Paige's hair? Some people might like seeing Paige's hair, but not in your soap. So, yeah, that's the ingredients you're talking about. I need a pen.

Just get a pen. And so whenever this happens, when you are shrink wrapping, what you can do is just take a pen and you want to find somewhere that's kind of innocuous on the wrapping. I don't know if I use the right word. You could use it to try new recipes. No, because then I got to waste more oil.

Even when I try new recipes when I'm going to do with it. Can't do it. I love how you guys are trying to save me some money and some heartache. So you get like a little of course you get like a little teeny tiny hole which allows that excess air to come out. And then you go back in with your heat gun.

And when you do that, it's going to seal beautifully. The situation will find itself in the trash. In the trash. I just don't want to do it. I just don't want to do it.

But I do need to get it up. All right. So now I have to look and see. Okay, I did. What are the two bars to your left top?

Multicolored one and below it. Let's go with the hair. You're talking about that one right there. This is still our unnamed bar. Johnny, if you have a name for this, go on natural soap by zakia on instagram.

And we're running a competition slashcontest SUP main. How are you? If you enter your name well, no, you're out of the US. Love it. This is a very fruity scented soup.

If you enter your name and we pick it, unfortunately, you're outside the US. So it doesn't count. I can't ship it to you. You're going to win a bar of this. So I need to go through about 50 name suggestions on instagram and facebook and pick a winner.

I got a good name for it. Mix and mingle.

Did you vote on instagram, sir? I can't say. Somebody said on periscope. That is a really good name. Mix and mingle.

Right. You just come on here. I just pop into my head. You got to vote because it would be unfair because as soon as I announce who the winner is, people are going to go searching and say, I don't see that here. She picked her friend.

See what I'm saying? People watch on instagram, good, bad or indifferent. I got to keep it on the up and up. All right. So now what I do is I look at all of the bars that do not have a label.

I know. I got lavender tranquility and the beard wash ingredients. I'm going to just put those right on the bottom here so I don't need to print that. I know for both of these that means you for site. It really is a great name.

I can't be the winner so someone can use my suggestion. I'm watching. See what I'm saying? They're going to say that wasn't in there. She's picking friends.

Johnny, did you give us here? Johnny, let me see what you put. I missed it. Dang it. I do love the fact that we can scroll comments.

Let's scroll fruit fusion. Nyla told me I can't pick any fruit or rainbow. Hey, delightfully. Yours. Nyla said anything with fruit in it or rainbow.

Disqualified. Hey, how are you doing? One that I was really liking was kaleida soup, but we're not doing that one. That was one that I thought was cool. It was different.

All right. We are looking for the lavender tranquility ingredients, and then I probably need to get off of here so I can actually get this stuff wrapped up and out, because there are orders that have come in that I need to print.

Don't tell me I got to do those. I like the one you just suggested. Kalida soap. Not soap, but soap. It's a play on words.

What is the one below it? This one here is peppermint. This is our peppermint soap. This is, like, the number one best selling soap. This one here is our peppermint.

It's made with peppermint essential oil on top of my triple butter blend formulation. So you get that really nice peppermint scent. Okay. You get that really nice peppermint scent, but it's conditioning to your skin and also cleansing. It could be Perry soap.

We used to be Perry soup. There's been so many names. So many names.

But yes, it could be Perry soap, but nobody suggested that. Do you have just mint? I don't have Justin, only the peppermint. And the last one that I made here is the lemongrass and spearmint. This is a really awesome combination, too.

But I don't have just a mint.

I might have to print them.

Lemon, lemon, lemon.

Crushed oat. Triple butter tea tree. Take me away. Take me away. You don't want to hear me saying, here's a take me away ingredient so I can put those on there, and then I actually end up with two piles.

Need a label. Got a label. So this has the label on the front with the name of the soap, but it also needs the label on the back, which has the ingredients. I'm going to put those face down so I know I need to print those. I know I don't have the activated charcoal and tea tree.

I also don't have this because this was a brand new one. I love the new soap colors. I am always out of season with my soap. Are you going to have to think about wow? I love to.

Are you going to have to think about wow? Say that one more time. Where are you asking me? I'm missing it. So and then I now need to pull the other ones.

Just the CNAME certified nursing assistant. Sorry. A lot to think about. Wow.

All right, let me grab our laptop because I think I can at least print the additional ones. And I know what came and know what came through. Alexa, ain't nobody talking to you. Turn off your little blue light, yolanda. Are you scared?

I know you don't know that, because I ain't say you when you were doing your I think it was a car scope. And your GPS was talking to you around, like, the whole time. I said, that sounds like Alexa, where she just comes on out of nowhere, like, wait a minute, lady. Mind your business. I know you're trying to get me where I got to go, but at the same time, no, ma'am.

And the lady that was here, that got the book in the bar, she said the second book she wanted the cold process book. All right. Yeah. You guys don't want me to go to bed at all.

Junie, welcome to the broadcast. Let me just see that's sampled. I got your sample soap. Did we decide what is your website? My website is

Hello, darling. How are you? Did you say you were going with the lemon?

Let me just put that here. Lemon. Okay. Build a box. Charcoal and kalin.

That's the little one. Let me get the regular signs bar. Thank you for putting that up there. My website is natural, kind of like expedia but not. And all of the soap that I make here is available there.

Zakia, do you have samples? I do. Duny. They are actually the number one seller this week. They are a four pack sample soap set where you get four bars of my sample.

It looks like a deck of cards. You get four bars of the sample soap. This week we are sending out peppermint, lavender, activated charcoal, and triple butter blend. You get four I was about to drop it. You get four for $10.

And they're a great size bar where you'll kind of get to see if you like the scent, if you like how it feels on your skin, how it leaves your skin feeling, or if you just want to go ahead and get a particular bar. The individual bars range between $9 and $11. Cool. That's what I want. All right, let me just make sure.

Triple butter, colorful one, and lemon creamy one. I don't know if Adam I'm going to order now. Tap the three dots, bottom right. Click her name. You see clickable links.

Thank you. You like them or just order. Can I use the triple butter on my hair? I would have you use no. You got dye in your hair?

No, I don't want it to strip. The dye of your hair and the PH of it is not adjusted where it won't have an impact on your dye. So I would say no. Thank you for that. You're welcome.

That was my website. Natural soap bizakea.

I got to get off of here, guys, because I'm really not focusing, and I'm going to have to go get Nyla in about an hour and a half. Page is probably about to get up at this point, and it's really been fun. I've probably been on here a little too long anyway, but hopefully this has given you all a sneak peek or behind the scenes of the culmination of all that we do on these broadcasts. From unboxing our ingredients to having soap that works out well to those soaps that kind of sort of like why did you even try to make that? It's kind of sucking a little bit to actually updating the site.

You guys have been here when I kind of sort of took a picture or didn't loaded it. A lot of you come on and order while we are live, which is what I'm very grateful for. And then there is the packaging, it and the shipping I ordered, used and liked a while ago highly. Thank you so much and I love having all of you here. This is kind of like the final reminder of everything.

If you are new to me, welcome. Make sure you click that follow button and join my mailing I got you. You got to do the structure first. Great.

Nice to know. Yeah. Johnny ordered all the way from the UK. Where were you? Where are you located, Johnny?

That was an interesting one because it took a little while to get there, not too long, but it was extended. So I have is that tub, the banana scrub in front Manchester. This one here, this is actually a lemon soap. This is a foaming whipped lemon soap. It smells like a lemon cake.

And when I tell it's a creamy consistency that goes on like a lotion when you are in the shower. It is really incredible. It comes in $0.04. It comes in lemony lemon cinnamon bun, vanilla cinnamon bun. It also comes in Mango Tango and it also comes in cucumber melon.

I'm kind of hoping a lot of you don't order these when they go live because I want to take them to the show. But if you guys order them, you just order them. And so we have several bars of handcrafted soap. I guess you don't have pine tar. I don't have pine tar soap.

But that's like maybe the fourth or fifth time I've heard that in a different environment. So I got to look into it.

So I make all of this soap. I do it live here on Periscope. If you are on YouTube, I am slowly growing my channel on YouTube. Please subscribe by going to Zakia ringgold. It's the same name that I have here on Periscope.

I also wrote three books for brand new soap makers or people that are interested in making their own soap. And it is the new Soap Maker Cookbook series which is available at Amazon exclusively. We have it in a digital format, which is ebook and we also have a paperback format. So if you would rather read something on your Kindle and just scroll, scroll, scroll you can get all of them on Amazon by going to Bit Lee Soap books. And if you're like feverishly writing all these down, you're the real MVP.

But what I've done is if you click the link in my bio that gives you all of my links to take a class, to read my blog, to order soap, or to buy my books. It's all there. It was a banana split foam. Think Zakia. I don't make that one anymore.

People didn't want banana. They want well, banana is fruity, but they want, like, the sweeter smells with the foaming whipped soup. That was what my research well, not my research. Receipts shown what people were ordering was the sweeter ones. So thank you all for being here with me.

Make sure you, like, comment, and share wherever this video shows up. Bye, guys. I would tell Paige to say bye. It just feels weird that she's not here. Have a great night.

Oh, I loved it. I'm always the one head it to your site now. Bye, everybody.

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