Labels for Your Soap and Cosmetics Business

When you are making products as a hobbyist you may not be as concerned with the rules and regulations. When you venture out to start selling your products as a business you must be aware and comply with the rules. Otherwise you can find yourself in some pretty hot water with penalties, fines and possibly even lawsuits.

This is a running list to help you get started with some of the regulatory entities to be mindful of as you get started making and selling soap and cosmetics. Even if you aren’t selling your products, these offer some good guidance. If nothing else the information is good to keep in the back of your mind as you are formulating to keep your products safe. My golden rule with all of my products is “if I wouldn’t gift it to a family member, I surely wouldn’t sell it to a customer”.

Regulatory Bodies & Guidance for Soap and Cosmetics

Cosmetic Directives of the European Union

FDA– Soap and cosmetic guidelines as well as Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)

OSHA Hazard Communication Standard – If you are going to have employees, you must be aware of these rules as they pertain to MSDS for any ingredients with a hazard rating above 0.

FTC – Fair packaging and labeling act

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