My Favorite Soap Making Ingredient Suppliers for New Soap Makers

Soap Making Supplies

Soap Making Ingredient Suppliers I Use and LOVE

When it comes to the world of soap making the online retailers are constantly popping up. While this list isn’t a complete list of every soap supplier on the market, it is a list of suppliers I have personally ordered from and had a great experience with. In my most recent book The New Vegan Soap Cookbook I share recipes and these are the places I get many of my supplies. For more information about Vegan Soap check out our ultimate guide.

Where to buy Lye for Soap Making?

The lye guy

The Lye Guy is one of the best suppliers for small and large quantities of Lye. Whether you need Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide you can find it here with really quick shipping.

Recommended Suppliers for Shea Butter

baraka shea butter

Not only does Baraka Shea Butter have high quality Shea Butter, this company supports small hand crafters in Ghana. Baraka Shea Butter is handcrafted from years of tradition and every purchase provides impact and income to the women and communities that make it.

Where to get Soap Making Colorants

Nurture Soap

Nurture Soap offers a wide range of highly pigmented micas, pigments, glitters, dyes and natural colorants for your handmade soap creations. I always start with their 5 gram or 1 ounce size to test a new color. They also offer free shipping over $30.00.

Recommended Suppliers for Fragrance Oils

Rustic Escentuals

One of the hardest things to choose without smelling is Fragrance Oils. Rustic Escentuals does a fantastic job of categorizing their scents by season, popularity and scents specifically tested for soap making. I’ve had a lot of success with their fragrance oils and their customer service is great.

Where to buy Essential Oils

new directions aromatic

New Directions Aromatics has a wide selection of unadulterated essential oils. One of the hardest parts of finding quality essential oils is a trusted supplier. I have really enjoyed my experience with New Directions and the essential oils are fairly priced without gauging.

This is a starting list of reputable suppliers for new soap makers who are not yet buying in bulk. As you scale up your production, you should look for suppliers who offer volume discounts as this will significantly reduce your cost of production. If you are looking for soap making supplies like molds, stick blenders and more check out this post on what I use during the live broadcasts.

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