Rebatch Soap When Homemade Soap Misbehaves

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Rebatch Soap gives us an opportunity to start over!

What does it mean to Rebatch Soap

Sometimes our vegan soap doesn’t do exactly what we want in the mold. We try very hard to get it right the first time but for some reason it just doesn’t come out right. When we rebatch soap it is a method where we get a second chance to redeem our handmade creations. In this Live Stream I talk about the lessons learned with rebatching.

What will you need to complete the process

To begin you will need soap, shredder, crockpot and a liquid ingredient. You should shred the soap into small pieces to help it melt quickly and evenly. The amount and type of liquid you add is completely dependent on your preference. Some liquids I like to use include: glycerin or coconut milk with a 50/50 sugar solution. Just remember the more liquid you add you could alter the lathering abilities as well as the additional cure time.

Steps to Rebatch Soap

  1. Place the Shreded Soap in a warm crock pot.
  2. Add 1/2 of your liquid portion to help start the melting process. Allow the soap to completely melt, slowly incorporating additional liquid.
  3. Allow the batch to come to a semi solid mass.
  4. Put in mold and allow to sit overnight.
  5. Remove from the mold, cut it and allow it to dry out.

Rebatching gives you a Second Chance When Soap Misbehaves

What I realized is that even when things don’t turn out the way we plan we always have a chance to get it right and this extends beyond natural soap. Nothing is ever truly a failure. In fact it’s an opportunity to learn, grow and try it again. If you are interested in learning how to make your own homemade soap, consider enrolling in the Academy of Live Soap School and discover why it’s so much #morethansoap.

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