The Vegan Soap Cookbook: How to Make Homemade Plant Based Soap


Certified soap maker and instructor Zakia Ringgold walks you through a simple process to make your own soap from scratch using plant based oils and butters like: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, mango butter and more. The Vegan Soap Cookbook is packed with ingredients and recipes to make your own handmade soap using plant based based ingredients.




What you put on your skin goes into your skin. With the New Vegan Soap Cookbook you have everything you need to make plant based soap for you and your family. This book is packed with time tested recipes and techniques to make your own vegan soap from scratch. Stop wondering what's in your soap and start making your own handmade plant based soap.

What's Inside

Complete list of supplies and ingredients to make handmade soap

7 Easy to follow steps to make soap from scratch

16 Luxurious plant based soap recipes

Vegan Ingredient profiles to create your own signature recipes

Bonus resources, video demonstrations and more…

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