Choosing a Point of Sale System for a Retail Store

The Power of All In One Point of Sale Solution

A Point of Sale (POS) System is much more than a cash register. As I am preparing to open my first physical space I needed to do research on point of sale solutions. I’m a systems kind of girl so this is the kind of stuff I love doing in comparing platforms, software and add-ons to accomplish as much as possible with a single solution. What I have come to learn in that even though the name implies point of sale, these solutions go much further than collecting payment.

What I currently use for In-Person Sales

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In-Person Sales

While my business has primarily been online, I attend in-person vending events and needed a solution to capture card payments. Because my in-person events had historically been few and far between I chose to leverage square card readers for my in-person point of sale solutions. Although I leverage Shopify for my online ecommerce store, I wasn’t willing to pay an extended monthly fee to have the POS solution integrated with my online store. Using square I was simply charged transaction fees when I attended in-person events.

Going into a Retail Space

Now that I will be going into a physical space I needed a little more functionality and my goal was to find an all in one solution for retail sales, running promotions with my customers, booking solution for my classes and events, inventory management, bar code scanning and employee payroll. Initially I thought these would all have to be separate but to my surprise the very powerful POS systems on the market actually have this functionality and more built into their platforms.

Two Systems Worth Reviewing

I wanted to give square a chance as I currently have invested in the hardware and am fairly comfortable with using it. While Square definitely is plug and play I didn’t want to simply go with it because that’s what I have. After a little research I landed on Clover System. Now my job is to compare the fees and monthly costs for the applications that I would need to use in order to create my all in one solution. Check back in next week to hear about my findings and my final selection for a Point of Sale solution for my retail store.

Do you have a physical store? What is a must have system you use to run it smoothly?

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