In this broadcast I wanted some company while I completed the packaging for a whole lot of soap. This broadcast took a different turn when someone asked…how do you make time for it all?

Packaging Soap Live

Image of soap packagingAs a mom of two with a full time career that I love and a growing business time management is one of the things that makes it all possible. Planning becomes crucial to get it all done and continue to enjoy the journey. I enjoy live streaming the ups, downs, experiments that go well and those that don’t go so well.

What I use to package cold process soap

I typically start by heat sealing soap in shrink wrap bags and follow up with my heat gun to adhere the bag to the soap. What we end up with is a perfectly wrapped bar of handmade natural soap that’s just waiting for a label. Note to self… I really need to start printing the labels after I make the soap. That way it’s fresh in my mind and one less thing to do in the process after shrink wrapping.

There is a lot of debate about completely sealing the soap as it doesn’t get a chance to breathe however I haven’t had any issues with it and my customers don’t seem to mind.


This live stream was a lot of fun not just for the packaging and how much I was able to get completed but answering the question…how do I get it all done. This allowed me to momentarily take stock on just how much was getting done and I was really happy with just how much had been accomplished.