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Overcoming Resistance and Exploring Creativity Interview with Bee Iyata of Sorcery Soap

If you’ve been in the soap world for sometime you have heard of Soap Dough. We are fortunate to have Bee Iyata of Sorcery Soaps and author of five books and counting joins us to share her Maker’s Tale and how she got started through a serious of fortunate mistakes. In her quest to make really hard soap she stumbled on her own unique process to create Soap Dough. 

From a soap that wouldn’t get hard enough to crashing her website she discusses her Maker’s Tale. Not only does she teach the process but she also created a lane for herself with a line of soap dough, soap stencils and soap stamps. Listen in to learn how she shifted her perspective to harness her strength of service to build a community and business that empowers soap makers to create truly unique creations. 

5 Key Takeaways

  • “Any idea you have you can put on Soap with Soap Dough”
  • You never know where an idea will take you or lead you to another idea. Embrace them as stepping stones and see where they may lead you.
  • “Ignore the naysayers and get grounded in what you see to be true to yourself and stay on that path”
  • “Figure out what you are about and stay with the idea of causing more good than harm in the world”
  • “New ideas are met with resistance, it’s up to you to treat it like it’s precious, nurture it and bring it out to the world when you are dedicated to it regardless of what anyone else thinks.” 

Where to Find Bee Iyata online

Bee’s Books: https://sorcerysoaps.com/collections/books

Instagram: Sorcery Soap

FB Group: Sorcery Soap Creations

If you are wondering what is soap dough? Watch this video and subscribe to the channel, where Bee describes what it is and how to make soap dough. Bee has also done a series of interviews with makers and these can be found on her blog


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Zakia Ringold

Serial entrepreneur, certified soap maker, live streamer, mama of 2 and teacher at heart. Zakia is the Founder of Live Soap School an online academy, ByZakia a handmade soap company,  Virtual Experience Design Agency an event planning and production company and MoveBackstage a Software as a service for event organizers. She started all of her businesses online from her home and shares her lessons in an effort to inspire others to follow their dreams.