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Overcoming Challenges and Planning in Business Interview with Nabila Brabez

This week we have Nabila Brabez of Lancolia from South Jersey to share her Makers Tale. Learn how her love of scents and chemistry led her to starting her own business. Nabila shares her story and lessons learned growing her handmade business. When I asked Nabila to share a brief bio, this is what she shared:
“I am a mom, a chemist and I’m the founder at Lancolia where we care, connect and comfort with blissful scents and indulgent care..”
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Key Takeaways
  • Live with no regrets, have you exhausted all options
  • Marketing can be challenging but you can commit to learning
  • Focus on you and avoid distractions
  • Cash is King but Data is the Empire

Find Nabila online at:

Her website: https://lancolia.com

Facebook and Instagram @Lancolia


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Zakia Ringold

Serial entrepreneur, certified soap maker, live streamer, mama of 2 and teacher at heart. Zakia is the Founder of Live Soap School an online academy, ByZakia a handmade soap company,  Virtual Experience Design Agency an event planning and production company and MoveBackstage a Software as a service for event organizers. She started all of her businesses online from her home and shares her lessons in an effort to inspire others to follow their dreams.