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There are a lot of soap making supplies to get you started, however many people overlook the education component of starting their natural soap journey. Are you considering making your own homemade soap? If so, you should definitely get your hands on Soap Making Books to help you understand the process. If you don’t, you could end up up creating a slew of problems and avoidable costs down the line. I have personally read about 70 books on soap making and there was a missing piece. So I decided to create The New Soap Makers Cookbook series.

The New Soap Makers Cookbook Making Cold Process Soap From Scratch

I’m so excited to announce that my new book is available. This book is perfect for anyone considering making their own handmade soap. You will learn the basic soap making supplies and ingredients needed to get started along with tried and true recipes and tips for troubleshooting pesky batches. It answers many of the questions from live streams and students in Live Soap School. If you want to avoid all the fluff and get right to making your own soap, get this book today. Here is the “unofficial announcement” we did LIVE with Paige’s help.

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