Making Natural Soap on a Live Broadcast

Natural Soap Broadcast Considerations


When I am preparing to do a natural soap broadcast, I typically have a pretty clear picture of what it will be. In this live stream we were making Homemade Natural Soap. You can watch this broadcast but fair warning it’s a long one… If you are new to the blog or Me, Zakia. I make my own handmade soap typically Live on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope. I absolutely LOVE everything about live streaming. Most of the time anything that can go wrong…will go wrong when you are live.

During this broadcast I am ramping up production for a large event in less than five days and we are expecting a crowd of 1000 people.

How to pick Colors in Natural Soap

I was on Instagram doing a little bit of preparation and realized I had every color in the rainbow for the show. I needed something a little more masculine. I asked the live viewers, “What other color can I use”. Somebody responded  “GRAY”! For the colorants I used a mixture of mica colorants, activated charcoal and Titanium Dioxide. I then did a simple drop swirl because I was starting to run out of time.

I got really excited. You know that feeling when it’s a Eureka and a stroke of Genius at the same time… Yeah that’s what happened during that Live Stream. I started grabbing every shade of Gray I could find and in an instant I said. Why not call it FIFTY SHADES OF GREY! Like the movie and novel!

Definitely a Eureka Moment for sure!

There is one caveat…With the use of mica this is no longer considered a 100% natural soap.

Additional Bath and Body Treats During the Stream

During this broadcast we also did a crinkle cut for my co-workers custom order of Basil Essential Oil soap, gave a sneak peak into the President Barack Obama collection and talked about Relax, Relate, Release. That’s a hilarious reference to the tv show “A Different World”.

Sorry for the strange hellos, and comments throughout the video but this was recorded live. Feel free to scrub through the video and watch what you want.

Until Next time…

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