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Hello to Livesoap school poadcast session.

Today I’m going to share with you the one online business marketing tip that is highly underutilized but extremely successful. AD it’s 100% Free! Before I tell you what it is or why you should be using it, you may be wondering how I know that it actually works. I can tell you as a single mom of two young girls and working a full time job, starting a business online was not something I thought I had the time, interest or ability to do. This one tool changed all of that for me and is the primary reason why my products have shipped all over the world!

Do I have your attention now? Good!

Why should you market your business online?

The easiest and simplest answer to why you should market your business online is that your existing customers are there along with your potential customers. If they can’t find you, they will find what they are looking for, with whoever is actually showing up, in their newsfeed, on their timeline and with their friend’s shares. This is also the perfect place to begin if you don’t know what your business will be but know that you want to start a business. Why, because you get to grow a customer base as you figure it all out. We will come back to this in a moment.

What should you use?

You must use video and not just pre-recorded video. LIVE STREAMING! Live video streaming is the latest form of online marketing but it’s unlike any other kind. It allows you as the broadcaster and business owner to broadcast video in real time while interacting with a live audience. This live audience can watch you from their cell phones, tablets, computers and even their smart TV’s. You get to share your company’s story, promotions and offers and they get to ask you questions. Questions that can help you identify what they really want. Questions that you can use to meet their needs and ultimately turn casual viewers into raving fans.

Live streaming creates a unique business opportunity, especially if you work from home. 

Live Streaming allows you to bring your audience along for the ride while at the same time determining if you have a viable product that people actually want. -SoapLadyZ
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Why Should You Livestream?

With the touch of a button you can broadcast to the world.

Start a business with no website!

Test a Business idea with no money.

Work From Home

You can live stream from virtually anywhere. If you run a home based business, live streaming provides an opportunity for you to share your process, behind the scenes, products, services and offerings wherever you are. With no middle man and very little technical expertise to get started.

Start a business with little or no money

One of the biggest barriers to entry is money. Live Streaming helps to reduce the typical marketing dollars required when starting a new business. 

Test Your Business Idea or New Product with a Live Audience

Gone are the days where you need to work for months and years on end with product development. Live Streaming allows you to bring your audience along for the ride while at the same time determining if you have a viable product that people actually want. 

How I started Broadcasting Live

When it comes to broadcasting or live streaming you have got options. While this isn’t going to be a complete how-to, it will give you something to consider for going live on your favorite social media platform. The streaming platforms continue to evolve and each has their own unique benefits and drawbacks. It seems like the original players in the space are constantly introducing new features and new apps pop up in the app store almost daily.

If you know anything about me, SoapLadyZ and Live Soap School got it’s start on Periscope. I started live streaming on this platform with absolutely no following and NO business when live streaming wasn’t as popular as it is today. Now I have over 10,000 followers across multiple platforms. Periscope was one of the first main stream platforms that allowed anyone to Go Live. The only requirements were a cell phone with a stable internet connection. With the click of a button you could broadcast to the world unfiltered. I still broadcast on Periscope and have expanded our streams to include YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. 

The best time to start live streaming is yesterday. The next best time is now. Check out our video making products live and selling

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