Making Solid Bubble Bars with no SLSA

Watch Zakia try a new product to replace SLSA in solid bubble bar formulation in this Live Stream. Read more on the Blog at

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  1. Zakia Ringgold

    Thanks she has a way of taking over the show in a good way

  2. Jillian Joy

    15 minutes in and youve added it to the bowl and NO NAME OF THE PRODUCT. How can i buy it???? What was the point of this video if youndont share the name?????? So what is the actual product name?? I can’t read the bag and I haven’t heard you say am I supposed to purchase it.

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Not sure if you are familiar with live streaming but this was a live broadcast and the people on this particular broadcasts aren’t product makers. For that reason I created a blog entry with what the product is and where to buy it and included those details in the video description. Good luck with your products

  3. Jillian Joy

    Really frustrating. Too frustrating to actually watch past 20 minutes

    • Zakia Ringgold

      So why watch?

  4. Saundra Bechner

    darn missed you live again

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Saundra Bechner this was an old video

  5. Zakia Ringgold

    I ignore them and it typically takes the wind out of their sails

  6. rlpittard

    Zakia Ringgold i think you are have got it figured out lol! I just get a little overprotective over children! Take care

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