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  1. Dee Best

    FB live hates me it keeps freezing

  2. Tomika Denise

    Make plenty. I’ll be ordering more soon.

  3. Ally Raach

    I was on peri but it was lagging a lot

  4. Tomika Denise

    Did you have some late night coffee? Still jet lagged? This is too much energy for this late.

  5. Ally Raach

    I hate wearing matched socks! Lol. Always have

  6. Yah-Tay Keaton

    Your soap is very moisturizing… Just showered with my “Crushed Oaks & Honey”… Love It!

  7. Ally Raach

    You must have a giant freezer!

  8. Ally Raach

    Looks like cake batter . Lol but I know better.

  9. Ally Raach

    Can you see me now? I think I was watching off your share

  10. Lorraine Womack

    I was going to say that she can make soap but cook not her thing haha

  11. Frances Shurley

    You hit 5 million hearts on periscope well its over 5 million

  12. Mish Clark

    It looks like golden milk. A Turmeric health drink.

  13. Mish Clark

    I love seafood & Chinese food too.


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