Melt and Pour Soap From Scratch Interview with Miss Cleo

“Don’t let the chatter discourage you from pushing the envelope forward.” -Cleo Anderson

What is Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap

Melt and Pour is typically a premade soap base sold at craft stores or online soap suppliers. I recommend that people who are just getting started try their hand at melt and pour as you will not need to worry about mixing lye or measuring oils and butters. It’s all done for you by the manufacturers. While this is great when first getting started, many soap makers want to control all of the ingredients in their final products. This is just not possible with the premade bases sold by manufacturers.

Why would you make a Glycerin Soap over a Cold Process or Hot Process Soap

It all comes down to your creativity and the aesthetics of the final batch of soap. Glycerin soap offers a transparency that can not be achieved through any other soap making method. It also offers you the ability to remelt, re-scent and reshape the final bar. With this variety possible I set out to find all the resources I could on how to make my own melt and pour soap from scratch. I was crushed to find that not many resources were available. I took a making cold process soap from scratch workshop at the annual soap conference and this sparked a true interest for me. When I returned from the conference I sought additional resources and communities online.

This is where I found the Glycerine Soap Basemakers and the creator Cleo Anderson. Miss Cleo offers her story, tips for getting started and words of wisdom for new and experienced soap makers in our interview. One piece of advice that absolutely resonated with me was importance of perseverance.


Where to Get Help with your Melt and Pour Base

Cleo Anderson Glycerin Testing
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Cleo Anderson Glycerin Basemaking Testing

Cleo Anderson is a talented handcrafter, innovator and teacher who has been mastering her technique and recipes for over 10 years. Get a head start on your own glycerin bases with her incredible time tested recipes which are available in the group and advanced ones available for sale on her website.

There are several nuggets of wisdom in this interview and the most prominent is the importance of persevering. Your naysayers should never have the final say on what is or is not possible. I’m so grateful for Ms. Cleo sharing her wisdom in the group and in this interview. For any of you that decide to venture into the world of melt and pour basemaking from scratch,  Good Luck!

Cleo warns that this is an advanced technique and makers should have basic soap making skills and several batches of hot process soap under their belts BEFORE attempting this advanced technique.

That’s all for this Soap Makers tale. Until next time.

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