Can you control the ingredients in Melt and Pour Soap Base

Melt and pour glycerin soap is normally purchased from an online retailer or hobby shop. The problem with this is you can’t control all of the ingredients. The manufacturer will typically create it. You melt it, add a few additives and pour into a mold. This could leave much to be desired in your final bar as it may be drying to the skin, doesn’t lather well and most commonly sweats.

Ms. Cleo of Arsenia Blu has studied and researched a DIY method for over 15 years and has now made her findings available in her brand new book A Guide to Melt and Pour Hot Process Soap Making. This book is the first of it’s kind in the soap making industry as it documents recipes and techniques to achieve transparent melt and pour soap at home.

Catching Up with Miss Cleo

In this previous interview with Ms. Cleo she talks about how she supports, educates and motivates advanced soap makers to create their own soap base from scratch in her Facebook group.

She was also considering writing a new book. The wait is over and you can get your copy of the book here! A special thank you to Ms. Cleo for innovating and sharing her knowledge with the soaping community.

Watch this Live Stream discussing the Melt and Pour Soap Base from Scratch Book and why you need to get it Today