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In this live stream I got a chance to test out Teal Allhouses’s brand new Tru Foam which is an alternative to SLSA. UPDATE: Teal recently passed away, her heart and her creativity live on in the lives of everyone she has touched along the way. As such I have removed the links until her family decides what they will do moving forward.

I decided to make a small batch of solid bubble bar also known as solid bubble bath. I had the chance to meet Teal and see this product in action at the annual Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering and wanted to try my hand at using it as well. So I got my ingredients together and clicked Go Live!

What is a Solid Bubble Bar

A solid bubble bar or solid bubble bath is exactly as it sounds, its the same as a bubble bath but instead of being in a liquid form it is made in a solid form. This allows the user to slowly crumble the bubble bath right under the water and watch the magic happen in the tub. By adding color and fragrance in the recipe the maker is creating a truly incredible experience.

A Little More about Teal

Teal is not only an innovator, she’s also a community builder over at Soap Swirls and Techniques – How do you do that. This is a support group for basic and advanced soap making techniques right on Facebook. She created True Foam along with a really ingenious Bath Bomb Maker. Teal is one of those people that makes the soaping community smile.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I realized I could achieve the fizz and bubble without the coughing fit that I normally experience when making this product with SLSA. Tru Foam is definitely a game changer with a bonus. My bars were pretty much solid within a few hours NOT 24 hours. Overall I loved using the product, the only issue is I used too much and truly a little goes a long way.

What is your must have ingredient for making bath treats?

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