What I Use To Broadcast Live

Live Streaming Platforms


The perfect platform to start or grow a following. Periscope is my absolute favorite platform for streaming Live. It is hands-down the best platform for engagement and discoverability. With Periscope you can go live anywhere with a mobile device and it’s integrated with Twitter.

YouTube Live

Of course the Number 2 search engine would come out with a live streaming solution. YouTube offers live streaming and works great for people with established followings and even those just getting started.


Twitch started out for gamers and has one of the strongest communities I have seen on Social Media. It is slowly expanding to include additional categories and worth taking a look at if you are new or seasoned streamer. Be aware there is a whole set of features and bots to help you out or confuse you.

Facebook Live

Facebook is the worlds largest social media platform which can be a gift and a curse for your live streaming. It offers great tools for user engagement and feedback during and after your broadcast. If video is a part of your strategy be sure to include some aspect of Facebook Live in the mix as it is just simply too large to ignore and with the increasing competition it doesn’t make sense to keep all your eggs in one basket.

Go Live - Learn how to broadcast Live and Engage

Desktop Apps  for Broadcasting

Check out my favorite tools for streaming from the desktop

ecamm Live

This powerful all in one production platform for mac is what I use to produce all of my shows. Add overlays, bring comments on screen, share your desktop, embed video, invite guests via Skype and more with this incredible tool. I use this when exclusively broadcasting to Periscope or Restream.io.


If you have a windows computer, Manycam is an alternative to ecamm live. It helps you produce your live streams with all the bells and whistles including lower thirds, screen sharing, green screens and more. It even has a handy mobile app for streaming on the go.

Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS)

This tool allows you to quickly get setup for your live streams and it comes packed with themes, templates and bots that will take your stream to the next level. I use this primarily when streaming to Twitch or YouTube.


With a new live streaming platform popping up almost daily, it becomes difficult to choose where you should Go-Live. With restream.io you no longer have to decide. Restream.io allows you to broadcast to over 30 platforms simultaneously.

Equipment & Gear

Mobile Phones
Mics and Lights
Production Tools

Tips, Tutorials & Reviews

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