Live Interview with Deb Sturdevent from Old Sage Apothecarian Conference
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Live Interview with Deb Sturdevent from Old Sage Apothecarian Conference

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  1. Andrea Whitlock

    I unmolded my Soap an it’s so hot my loaf is still soft after 1day an 1/2 what can I do? Can you call me after this interview

  2. Sarah Shep

    Omg I have a lot too. I just need to start up my business. Just scared

  3. Miriam Rivas

    I am sad that live so far to go to this conferences

  4. Sarah Shep

    I love the soap pump from the conference

  5. Sarah Shep

    Please do another one next year

  6. Sarah Shep

    Maybe start next soap conference with a yoga

  7. Andrea Whitlock

    Thank you so much for your great insight an interview bye

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Andrea Whitlock thanks for joining live glad you found it insightful

      • Andrea Whitlock

        Yes I always enjoy your interviews an broadcast’s

  8. Frances Shurley

    This is awesome. Sorry I missed the live. I sure need to get some fragrances and molds.

  9. Frances Shurley

    The whole time you were testing sound I did have sound.

  10. Frances Shurley

    I definately do not have enough supplies for what I need. I really would love to go to a gathering to meet others and to be able to get more supplies to get started is something I need desperately

  11. Tracy Anne

    Love my OSA family looking great

  12. Brian Marsh

    Hey Deb..All of your soaps and products are awsome!!!


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