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You can make your own liquid soap at home

We love to talk about handmade bar soap, but did you know you can also make your own liquid soap from scratch? There are several methods to do this and Jackie Thompson has added another option to the line up with her no-paste liquid soap process. One of the primary differences with liquid soap and handmade bar soap is the use of added glycerin and Potassium Hydroxide. While attending a soap gathering I got a chance to sit down with the author of the book Liquid Soap Making. Watch below to see what she had to say about this method and how a raffle in Miami lit her flame to write her book and much more.

Live Interview with Liquid Soap Author Jackie Thompson


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Handmade Liquid Soap is getting Very Popular

Jackie Thompson is a certified Master Soap Maker. Through her own series of trial and error she has discovered a new method of making liquid soap without the paste. She has dubbed it the “No Paste Method”. When I attended the HSCG Annual conference in Las Vegas I was looking to meet people just as passionate about the craft and pick up new soap making techniques.

I had gotten really good with bar soap and several of my live viewers asked, Do you make liquid soap? I knew about the conventional method but just never got around to making it on a large scale as my bar soap was keeping me very busy. While I was at the conference everyone recommended this one particular book Liquid Soapmaking: Tips, Techniques and Recipes for Creating All Manner of Liquid and Soft Soap Naturally!

I picked it up, gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised to find that the author would be speaking at a local gathering near me at the Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering. I mean, who doesn’t have questions after reading a book?

Rarely do we get a chance to actually speak to the author, but I would get a chance to in less than 2 weeks. The Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering is organized by Lori Chandler and was one of the most organized and fun events I have ever attended.

How To Demonstration of the No Paste Liquid Soap Method

Not only was Jackie speaking but she spent close to 4 hours reviewing her ground breaking no paste liquid soap method and answering the endless questions thrown her way from a very captive and intrigued audience with style and grace. I had questions and got plenty of answers as to where I went wrong with my first try at her no paste method.

I even got up close and personal with the particular portion of the method I had struggled with and walked away with a new sense of confidence.

Bottom Line – Get The Book

Liquid Soap Making BookIf you are looking to learn how to make liquid soap, Jackie lays out a solid foundation to get started with the conventional liquid soap method, no-paste liquid soap method and gel soap at home. This is a great book for beginners and advanced soap makers alike looking to step up their liquid soap skills.

Thanks for the interview Jackie and thanks for thinking outside the box and once again showing the chemistry and artisty that makes up the craft so many of us have come to love.

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