Let’s make a SUPPLE soap
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Let’s make a SUPPLE soap

Recipe available at bit.ly/supplesoap

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  1. John Byrd

    Loving the way you look on Facebook

  2. Frances Shurley

    tell Josh great job on building you an oil bucket.

  3. Frances Shurley

    if the comments help you there its fine with me

  4. Frances Shurley

    Hello Laura darlin, hope your birthday is awesome

  5. Frances Shurley

    I am actually pouring candles and tarts over the weekend and making 2 batches of soap from your Vegan Cookbook.

  6. Laura Womack

    Birthday was all right are mother fell down the stairs so we stay at home take care of her she all right she just need some rest

      • Andrea Whitlock

        Ohh No! I am glad she is okay Laura I am sending Prayer’s

        • Frances Shurley

          Everyone should get your books for gifts for the holidays this year early. I love all the books you did.

          • Frances Shurley

            facebook is janky today with stopping

          • Laura Womack

            Andrea Whitlock Thank you

          • Frances Shurley

            Looks like pumpkin puree in color now. really pretty

          • Frances Shurley

            for all Alabama fans these colors almost match…great colors

  7. Frances Shurley

    facebook keeps freezing so I am on periscope too. both


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