Ready to Give Up?

Trust me we have all had those days or weeks. It feels like nothing goes right, you are completely off balance or everything you try seems to come back empty. What has been helpful for me during these times is to remember why I got started in the first place. This simple act always seems to bring me back into reality and off the ledge of throwing in the towel.

Try this when you are ready to quit

  1. Write down why you got started
  2. Write down what is causing you the biggest sense of frustration
  3. Take a deep breath, rip up the one that’s least important.
  4. Get back to it

Pouring Handmade SoapI know this may seem simple but the act of you actually seeing it written seems to chip away at what may appear to be a mountain. You never know, you could realize that why you got started is larger than any momentary defeat, obstacle or roadblock. Most importantly Don’t Give Up!