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Okay, guys, this is take two, so hopefully this works better. Maireen, welcome back. Cosby, welcome back. So dress your spirit, everybody. So what I'm doing at this point is I'm just introducing people as someone just saying hi. So we were talking about what the purpose of the guild is, advocacy days that are going on. And so how did the guild get started? What are some of the main mission things that the guild is set up or what are the benefits of membership?

Oh, my God, that's a big question. So it started back in 1998, so with a few women in their living room, it's grown to about 3400 members. Our main thing is the advocacy, but it's also bringing having a buying force of 3400 as opposed to one or two people. So we got discounted insurance, we have education, we have conferences like this in.

The fabulous Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Michael Jackson show. Oh, my God, I cried.

I saw Monsieur and I live stream some of it last night. The lady said, you can't come in here.

I said, yeah, you get thrown up. It was good, it was great.

Okay, I only did it for a.

Couple of minutes, but we're not admitting to anything illegal. Keep that in mind.

I didn't know that it was not allowed until they told me. They told me we're live streaming.

Real life, even. Hey, Bob, we're not going to tell. The attorney that we bought is our attorney for the Handcraft of south in California.

Hello, Bob. We're actually live streaming. So guys, if you are just joining, I'm Zakia wringled and I am here with the beautiful president, Felicia Fabrock. Felicia Favreau.

And then we have Robert Lemon.

And we also have Robert lemon. He is the attorney for the guild. Hi everybody. We are at our second day of the conference.

Have you ever used periscope?

Okay, you're totally live right now. So what happens in Vegas gets streamed on Paris.

So now the lawyers here. So we're good now?

Yes. So we'll make sure we don't say anything. All right, keep it legal.

And Bob has been interested in doing our trademarking, moving our stuff to Delaware, just really putting the organization on a bill. Very legal. Straight forward theft.

Stays in Vegas. Thank you for joining.


So if somebody is interested in.

Joining you just go to and you can find online there or else you can call on the bottom of the obviously the contact page. You can call and ask for Sarah who says membership or anyone else to pick up the phone. But please, please join.

And where is the conference going to be next year?

Next year is going to be at the westin downtown Atlanta. And the big tall, beautiful glass building is going to be fabulous. It's going to be, I think, may, 1 week of May.


The key is the networking. If you don't come for anything else, come for the network. Lovely lady.

Yes, and I'm very excited about that. But aside from the networking, the education that are here are absolutely, positively phenomenal. And you never know what you don't know until you sit in a class and it sounds like you're hearing French for the first time. I went to the lotion session with Beth.


And I'm sitting there, and I just had my mouth open the entire time. I don't know anything. But then she's linking up with me for the after school program, so that's awesome.

Oh, good. That's another thing, too. The teachers stay around. The instructors stay around. They want to get to know. And our goal, too, is totally overwhelming. As much as possible with education, push as much triple up on education because we want you to walk away like your mind is totally blown. We've done our job, and your mind is blown.

Ms. Francis on there. Wait, are we talking about we're talking about any kind of soap that you.

Used to bathe with.

But it's not just soap.

Well, it's not just soap. It's also cosmetics. It's skincare products. But it's also not just bath soap. It's laundry soap. Is there anything that you can buy? Head products, cosmetics, eyeshadows? There's really anything that you would make to take care of your skin?

Do you offer virtual?

Well, we do have an online education segment. As a member, you can click on there in this classroom. I mean, email classes.

Awesome. And so Ms. Francis, who's on there, she keeps saying that, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming to the next one. Atlanta, I'm trying to get everybody who is enrolled in live soap pool. Make sure that you are at the guild next year, first week in May and Atlanta next year, right?


You're joining. What soap you all talking about? Well, right now we're not talking about specific soap. What we're talking about is the benefits of joining the handcrafted soap maker.

No, don't say it wrong. Handcrafted soap and cosmetic gifts.

Handcrafted and yes, laundry soap.

We do talk about that, too.

There was a session on laundry soap today, but I didn't go to that one because I went to the lotions and potions.

Well, then just catch up with the instructor.

I'll see her tomorrow and she will.

Definitely school you on laundry. And, you know, all the handouts are available.

Yes, I downloaded all the hand downs.


But my bags are too heavy. Guy. I'm going to show you what I got today. But I'll do that in another quote. We got a focus. We got a focus. So again, I'm going to let you introduce yourself one more time because this is her last year. She has been the president for four years now.

For four years now.

Four years. President of the board for four years, which has been, first of all, to be able to put all of this together. Kudos. I need some natural laundry. So in a month I'll be able to have some for okay, but that's not what this is what you picked.

Up when you got here.

See what I picked up? So thrilled to meet you. Easy to make. So tell them one more time who you are. My name is my name is Felicia.

I am in Oakland, California. And I am the president until June 30 of the handcrafted soap and Cosmetic field.

And she's awesome. So thank you for joining. I will come on later. I don't know if you're following me on Instagram. I showed you the amazing box that I want.

Have you opened this up?

Box up? I didn't open it because I got to get it on the plane.

Oh, okay.

And I'm nervous about it.

I've seen this box before. It is filled with so much stuff.

Yeah. Before somebody told me that I couldn't before somebody told me that I couldn't I was live here. So they saw what's in the box.


So I know what's in here.


I just have no idea how I'm going to use it. But I have a twelve year old daughter and she's going to love well.

You can make perfumes, you can do fragrance, oils. If nothing else, you have something to play with and learn on. And then you can then buy what's appropriate.

Awesome. Somebody is asking about manufacturing. Dress your stereotype. I don't understand the question. Let me just do a Paris. Come around the side. There is a beautiful lady that I met from Philadelphia here in Vegas.

Okay. See what happens when you meet folks in your own town?

So these are the hearts that are going up along the side. So they're actually tapping the screen. That's your visual queue. That people can hear you, they can see you. They love what you're talking about. Or you're saying, nice to meet you. These are all the people that I'm actually connected with. So I can see that. But a baby that's Valerie Inez is catching the screen. PO from Soap Nation. You have manufacturing with the Guild connection. Argentina is here and so Inez is now waving to you.

I'm going to say yes on that question. There are people who do private label manufacturing or at least help you streamline your manufacturing or increase your manufacturing.

Awesome. So the answer to that is yes. Glenn is going to walk away now. So we're going to go. But I just want to thank you so much for agreeing to do it. I hunt her down today. She said just fine. Can I interview you? Just fine. How long it's going to take? Ten minutes. And I know I've taken about 20 minutes.

That's fine. Go prepare for the annual awards dinner tomorrow. A little bit. I had to share the screen last time. I don't have to share it tomorrow.

No, you don't. It's all about you tomorrow. All right. So I'm going to end this one and I'll come back just so she gets a clean take on that I'm not talking and about my shenanigans on the broadcast. Wonderful meeting you. Bye bye. Bye, everybody. Bye.

In this live interview at the Annual Soap Conference in Las Vegas, SoapLadyZ sits down with the current HSCG president Felicia Favroth. Felicia has served as the President of the Board for 4 years and will be turning over the reigns to the new incoming president Charlene Simon.

Watch the video to hear about the advocacy work of the guild, buying force, education opportunities, networking, manufacturing and much more. Felecia also takes live questions from the audience in Las Vegas and adds so much personality to the broadcast with her infectious laugh. She also encourages not to admit to anything.

What’s Next for Felecia?

Now that her term will be ending on June 30, 2017 she plans to remain active in the Guild. She’s excited to have more time to focus on her own handcrafted business. Don’t think that you have heard the last from Felecia she’s passionate about diversity in the beauty industry and I expect that we will be hearing a lot more from her in the very near future.

From all of us in the soap and cosmetic industry, thank you for all you have done through your years of service. You are appreciated!

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