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Read My Why

Ingredient 1 asks you to Know your Why. In this entry I go into more detail explaining why I started making soap and why it is so much more than soap.


New Soapers worksheet

Ingredient 3 covers commiting to the process. Download this PDF worksheet and use it for your initial batches to help you focus on your experiments.

Watch a Soap Safety Demo

Ingredient 12 discusses the importance of lye safety and soap safety. Watch a soap safety demonstration below.

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My Why

Natural Soap BroadcastI make vegetable based handcrafted soap as an expression of my creativity, something I have seen, or something that I feel. I often include #morethansoap in my posts and figured it would be a good idea to describe what I mean by #morethansoap. In its essence soap cleans dirt. However the sheer act of creating something from nothing unlocks so much more in the individual creating the work of art.

I thought that I was not creative, when I started creating soap my imagination would take off not only for my soap creations but every other area of my life as well. I found myself in a peaceful and meditative state of bliss as I crafted some amazing recipes. I started thinking about how I could share this craft and maybe, just maybe the young girls that I interact with would discover their own creativity much earlier than I did in my 30’s.

I realized that I could share this same gift of creativity well beyond my 4 corners of the world. And once again the thought of unlocking creativity, freedom and entrepreneurial spirit for others became a not only a dream but also a reality. We all have a chance to impact others. When I create my soap it’s #morethansoap. I’m sharing my passion, I’m teaching others, I’m lighting a spark in anyone who may have believed it’s supposed to be this way or that way and helping them to see that they can learn and master ANYTHING with absolutely NO exceptions to this rule.

When I shared this dream with a co-worker she said “you are pouring in to create a rich lather”. I believe that’s very true and now you know why I say it’s so much #morethansoap! More importantly you know why I make soap.

New Soapers Worksheet

Click here to download the worksheet

Watch the Soap Safety Demonstration

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