How to Step Out of the Matrix

Are you even aware of what the Matrix is? The truth of the matter is most people have completely different paradigm depending on their own unique experiences, perspectives and upbringing. Here is another letter from my younger self created in 2015 encouraging you to step out of the matrix.

Time stamps below:

[1:30] – Don’t Tell Anybody What You Are Trying to Do
[4:15] – Are you building your own dream or someone else’s
[6:59] Make a Decision
[9:15] Outwitting the Devil
[12:20] Turn the TV Off
[18:50] Hamilton History Has it’s Eyes on You
[20:15] Look for the Lessons Beyond Your Initial Intentions
[25:00] Kids and Fundraisers

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  1. Teale Ferguson

    Good morning Zakia! I sent the site name twice. I hope you received it.

    • Zakia Ringgold

      It must be getting caught in spam let me see if I can find it

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Hi Teale agree with you on pictures but overall I love your site it’s clean and easy to navigate. Placing an order today. And yep found a ton of comments in YT spam

    • Teale Ferguson

      @Zakia Ringgold thank you…I just wanted something for everyone to see. I am going to do the pics this weekend. I saw your video on that picture box you had, but I’m going to go buy some white poster board and use that as my background. Tryin to keep the cost down. I do listen to your podcast. Good info. Take care and have an awesome day!

  2. Teale Ferguson

    I’m going to fix the pictures…but overall advise when and if you have time

  3. Teale Ferguson

    Does it spam on youtube

    • Zakia Ringgold

      It does if you have dot com in the message

    • Teale Ferguson

      bubblelovesoap dot
      bigcartel dot com…maybe this will help…lolol..the things you gotta do

  4. NeoMatrixology

    “But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

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