How to Start a Soap Business with Giving

In this live broadcast I discuss some interesting events that led to me realizing I could start a soap business. Watch and see how early actions allowed me to start a soap business with no website, no packaging and no pricing in place.

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  1. Zakia Ringgold

    Oh c Simms I would greatly appreciate it. We could use melt and pour in the after school program. Please send me an email or message from my live soap school website and we can talk. Can’t put my phone number on YouTube.

  2. Shannon Carlson

    That’s an awesome video Zakia, thanks. A similar thing happened to me when I donated my product for a fundraiser. I ended up with an ongoing sales client because they loved it. Your message of the power of giving is so true. Your videos are great!

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Thanks Shannon and congrats on the client!!!

  3. meliplay

    I love your spirit. Keep doing what you do you have a beautiful soul

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Thanks Meliplay

  4. Zakia Ringgold

    The beauty of YouTube is you can put your own story out there and your tribe will find you. It’s never too early. Good luck in your soap adventures

  5. Kayla Rose

    What calculator did you use for your soap?

    • Zakia Ringgold

      I always hand calculate recipes first then use soap calc to double check. Now I use soap maker 3

  6. The one you love

    What chemistry book(s) do you recommend?

    • Zakia Ringgold

      One of the most comprehensive soap chemistry books is scientific soap making

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