Season 1, Episode 2

Options for Packaging Handmade soap

Click Play to Listen in for ideas you can use to start packing natural soap and avoid the common pitfalls of most new soap makers. 


Zakia Ringgold

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  • Plastic wrap -It’s fairly easy to get and simple to use.
  • Cigar bands – You can cut a piece of decorative card stock and wrap it around your soap and apply the label
  • Shrink Wrap – Requires a bit more of an investment but does create a more polished and consistent look.

Remember it’s not just about the packaging, if the quality of the product is no good, it won’t matter how you packaged it. I also did a live broadcast and discussed it here. You can see how the bars are shrink wrapped.

How are you planning to package your soap for sale?

Until next time.

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