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How to Overcome Challenges in Business Interview with Emely Bonife

This week we have Emely Bonife of Vaera Naturals all the way from the Philippines to share her Makers Tale. Learn how a business process audit led her to Natural skincare, importing and more as Emely shares her story and lessons learned growing her handmade business. When I asked Emely to share a brief bio, this is what she shared:
“I am an advocate of conscious sustainability by making natural personal care products. I love making connections and allowing others to share my sustainable space.  Everyone has something to say, everyone has something to share, let us listen to them.”
Listen in to Emely’s Makers Tale!
Key Takeaways
  • Business Owners should be in Compliance
  • No Free Lunch, Free samples can come with a paid order
  • Look for needs and fill them
  • Controlling your own hours as a business owner is a myth
  • Taking Action will build your confidence and Self Esteem
  • You must believe in YOU

Find Emely online at: https://www.facebook.com/VaeraNaturals

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Zakia Ringold

Serial entrepreneur, certified soap maker, live streamer, mama of 2 and teacher at heart. Zakia is the Founder of Live Soap School an online academy, ByZakia a handmade soap company,  Virtual Experience Design Agency an event planning and production company and MoveBackstage a Software as a service for event organizers. She started all of her businesses online from her home and shares her lessons in an effort to inspire others to follow their dreams.