How to make your own Lip Balm
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How to make your own Lip Balm

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  1. John Byrd

    Looking good on Facebook thumbs up audio and video Perfect

    • Andrea Whitlock

      Hey my beautiful Twin Sisters Lorraine & Laura

  2. Angela Dellutri

    1 at the end didn’t work for me, but /lipbalm did work.

  3. Andrea Whitlock

    All I want for Christmas is 4 bags each of Baraka Shea butter & Cocoa Butter an Christmas isn’t even here yet just letting Santa know in advance

  4. Miriam Rivas

    can you use this same recipe for lip tubes

  5. Andrea Whitlock

    All my oils are melted in this 110 degree heat an that’s not just outside in my house too

  6. Emely Bonife

    Hi Zakia! Love from Philippines #TeamBaraka

  7. Miriam Rivas

    Smell it to make sure you added enouhg

  8. Sarah Shep

    Hey chica on my way to DC so if the kids do emojis it’s not me

  9. Miriam Rivas

    Can I use this recipe for lip tubes

  10. Miriam Rivas

    just make sure to find lip safe oils for the scent

      • Miriam Rivas

        Andrea Whitlock The best ones i have found is from Wholesale Supplies Plus because they already have the sweetener. Also Bramble Berry has some I don’t recall them being sweeten. You can always type lip safe flavor oils.

  11. Sarah Shep

    Can flavor oils from baking be used?

  12. Miriam Rivas

    I found they mold after a while if you use baking flavors

  13. Angela Dellutri

    don’t put the 1 at the end of lip balm for the recipe.

  14. Gina Britt

    So it’s ready to use after 4 hours infusing ?

    • LIVE Soap School

      Gina Britt if you apply heat I would infuse for 2 separate 4 hour intervals. I then let it rest for a few days before straining out the herbs.

      • Gina Britt

        LIVE Soap School Great thank you so much


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