How to make bubble scoops
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How to make Bubble Scoops

These highly moisturizing bath treats are easy and fun to make. Join us live.

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  1. Andrea Whitlock

    I totally understand it’s very hot in my house too my air is struggling bad lol so I am using a fan it’s 114 here in Vegas

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Andrea Whitlock I couldn’t deal in 114 sheesh that’s hot

      • Andrea Whitlock

        Zakia Ringgold Yes Sis it’s so hot my air unit went out so now we’re using Windows Coolers an Fan’s they barely blowing any air

  2. Andrea Whitlock

    My cousin went China yesterday gone for 2 weeks

  3. Miriam Rivas

    I have been wanting to learn how to do this.

  4. Miriam Rivas

    you need bigger bowl or smaller hands

  5. Miriam Rivas

    would you let them harden in the silicone mold

  6. LMichelle Woods

    If it gets hard, how can you loosen it back up?

  7. Laura Womack

    HELLO if you still have samples of black cherry foaming whipped can you send me 2.samples so me and Lorraine can try if we like it send me a invoice so i can pay for them let me know if you can do it thank you

    • LIVE Soap School

      Laura Womack I do have them I’ll send out on Saturday tell Lorraine I said Hi

  8. Kiera Turner

    I am new here where would i find the recipe to make these


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