How to Create a Natural Skin Care Routine | According to Wellness Mama

I often find several articles on natural skincare and soap making that I think you would find useful. This one is one of those articles and it comes from the folks over at Wellness Mama.

There’s a lot of rage about natural skin care and the benefits it holds. we love to see it here at Live Soap School. This means fewer and fewer families will have dangerous chemicals entering their skin. The folks over at wellness mama did a great job summarizing small steps you can take to gradually make the switch to natural skin care including what to look for in your own custom routine.

Find a natural skin care routine with oil cleansing, natural moisturizers and homemade exfoliators that are great options for any skin type.

Source: How to Create a Natural Skin Care Routine | Wellness Mama

Have you started incorporating more natural ingredients in your skincare? What are some of your must haves?

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