How long can handmade soap be stored?

Depending on how you store your soap and it’s ingredients it can last for up to 3 years or even longer. There are two things that will impact the lifetime of your unused soap: Ingredients and Storage.


Each of the ingredients used when making natural soap has it’s own shelf life. Some essential oils are long lasting while other fragrance oils are fleeting. Some oils have shelf lives of no more than six months while others have shelf lives of over 3 years. This complex mix of ingredients will impact how long an unused bar of soap can be stored for sure.


How you choose to store your soap will also impact how long it will last. Say for instance, you have a bar of soap that is unwrapped, sitting in your bathroom in direct sunlight because it just smells amazing. That bar isn’t going to last as long as a wrapped bar that is put away in a cool dry place until it’s ready to be used. To get the longest life out of your bar keep it wrapped until you are ready to lather up with it.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the scents in your soap will naturally fade over time. However one benefit of natural soap is that it gets milder or gentler over time. So if you are like me and you stock up on all of your favorite handmade soap, go ahead and use them even if the scent fades you still have a bar that is gentle on your skin better than most commercial soap on the market.

So how long can you store handmade soap?

It depends but spoiler alert…I’ve used a bar of handmade soap that was 5 years old it had no scent but it was absolutely incredible.

Get some of my best selling soap here. I took care of choosing the best ingredients you store it correctly and it will last forever.

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