How CHATgpt is Unlocking New Possibilities for Soap Businesses

What is ChatGPT

An open source tool, ChatGPT, was developed by OpenAI, a company that provides Artificial Intelligence solutions. OpenAI is a research company that focuses on developing useful AI solutions. After OpenAI released ChatGPT in November of 2022, over a million people used it within the first few weeks after it was released. Using a language model in real time as a chat tool, anyone can communicate and get answers in real time. 

We can ask it questions and it will provide answers and information on a wide range of topics. It’s a helpful resource for getting quick answers or information on both familiar and unfamiliar subjects. What I have found most useful with it is the ability to help me structure my ideas, come up with new ideas and expand on topics I’d like to share with my audience.

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Hey, everybody, this is Zakia. I know it takes a minute for this to land everywhere, but I just wanted to come on because I was doing my typical technical stuff on Tuesday. You're going to see in a moment how many tabs that I actually have open as I am doing this. So hopefully I will see your comments as they come through. Paige, can you please hand me my cell phone just so I can check and make sure that we landed?

But I know the title isn't all that exciting, aside from all of the soap making that we do, but I thought it would be interesting thank you. To share how I go about the technology side of running online businesses behind the scenes. So when I first started making soap, or I would say not even making soap, but making content hey, Laura, how are you? Happy holidays. The holidays never stop.

They never, ever stop lora. I'm sorry, Laura, how are you? That's my sister in love. Just had a great time with her on Christmas, which was fantastic. And so blessings to you too, my sister.

All right, so I do see that we've landed. Thank you all for commenting on Facebook and YouTube. So I know we landed on at least two of the channels, which is really good. And so as I was sitting here and actually Cheryl actually helped me to say, you know what, it doesn't have to be perfect. And as I was going through what my process is, I said, this would be really helpful because a lot of times and this was my experience for five years of creating live content, there has to be a back office system and a science behind what it is that you're doing.

So if any of you are new, what we're going to be talking about on here in particular is how I'm using Chat, GPT and AI to help speed up my content creation process. I just launched another blog on live Soap School, and that walks people through the tools and supplies that they need in order to get started making soap. Now, the reason why I'm bringing all of these up, I don't see the Facebook comments on my regular page. Hold on, guys. I mean, I got to always do extra.

Facebook is always extra. Okay, now I can see the comment. I got to pull it up on the side. All right. I can see you on Facebook now.

So the things that I typically will do is I start with search engine optimization, and before, when I would live stream, it would just be like, oh, I feel like making soap today. Click the button. The problem with that is, as I was making those products, people would be on the live stream and say, hey, how can I buy that? But I never had the product set up. I never had a link set up.

I never had any of that. So I said, oh, you got to wait. And luckily, I had a great group in Soap Nation that would come back, right? So it wasn't like, oh, well, we'll forget about it. But there were some who never came back.

So what I learned through that is everything that we do on social media as business owners means that there needs to be a strategy behind that, whether that be who you're targeting. Everybody always says, find out your niche and all of that other stuff. You know that stuff. But what do you do with that? Hi, LaTanya.

What do you do with that information? So the first thing I'm going to show you all is I'm going to take you on a tour of the Live Soap School website. And I do have two websites, three, four websites, but I'm going to focus on Live Soap School today. I'm just going to share my window really quickly because it's just easier to do it that way instead of going from tab to tab to tab. All right, hopefully you guys can see that when it comes up.

Yes, I can see it. All right, so Live Soap School is the main website we're going to talk about and how the blog and the live videos come to be. So first things first is you have a home page, and the homepage is where any information that you want people to know about goes there. Right? So the courses, our app, there's a free download on here for people who want to start their own business.

People who miss the Virtual Soap Summit, they can come and get that and then they can see latest from the blog. So I'm going to go here to this latest from the blog article. And this one is soap making Supplies for Beginners. Now, I didn't just come up off the top of my head with, oh, gosh, I need to write about soap making supplies. This is data driven, and one way that you can get that is if you go to a tool which is free right now.

It will not be free for very long, but if you go to this tool, it's called Chat And I'm going to paste that. Sorry. You're going to get like the illuminati for a moment. Let me just put that in the chat so you guys can have the link to that.

Oh, this is good. She says, I know, I was so excited to do it, but then it was you and my mind. Here, let me pull that banner up. Sorry about the constant ellipses. Let me get off of this tab.

Right? Okay. So if we go back to chat hey, Neta, how are you? If we come to Chat, I thought about the questions that I get on my live streams, but then also focusing on new soap makers. My target audience when I'm teaching soapmaking is for those people who are interested in learning how to make soap neta.

Thank you so much for the super hearts or the chat stars or the stars on Facebook. Thank you. So let's say you can type in a question here. What are the top questions for new soap makers, right? And what it does is it tells you some of the questions that soap makers may have or new people, what ingredients do I need?

What type of soap should I make? How do I calculate the lie? How do I know when my soap is ready to be cut? So this has given me ten questions. Now, what can we do with those ten questions you put on your content creator hat?

We can then create captions for our instagram. We can create a whole calendar of things. Because what I'm trying to do with this is I'm trying to preschedule 60 days worth of content so that I can show up in my other businesses of virtual events and move backstage and buy zakia and have live soap school kind of running on its own. So using a tool like Chat GPT allows me to not have to do the guesswork. So whatever your line of business is, or whoever your target market is, the mistake that I made as a brand new business owner was that or I didn't even know I was just a business owner.

But when you are a business owner, you're also a content creator. And that content, in order to be found on the places that you want to be found, needs to be aligned with what your audience is looking for and delivered from a place that's authentic from you. They don't need you to be an expert, but whatever you're sharing needs to be true and authentic to you. They don't want some textbook copy and so these tools are used for you to get that information. So you could have just as easily done a Google search to get this information or you can go to YouTube.

But this one here, it's very conversational and we're going to build from this. So I say, okay, here are some of the top questions that they may have. So they said what ingredients? But I did one on supplies, right? Because ingredients, that's a whole story.

We can talk about shea butter, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, fragrances, essential oils. And each of those have constituents and components, colorants additives, all of those things, which is a whole another line that we're going to be doing on the blog. So I started out simple because that can be overwhelming. And I said, what supplies do new soap makers or let's see, what equipment can you soap makers need to get started? And what it does is it goes and finds that answer.

A digital scale, a stick blender, a stainless steel pot, a thermometer, a silicone or plastic spatula. I would have only said silicone soap mode. So it gives me the answers to those particular questions. Now, you don't take this, copy it and paste it on your blog. This is where you infuse your expertise, your experience, the things that you like, and you put that into your blog.

So let's go over here to the blog. So this is another article that I was working on, but this is the one we were looking at initially. And what I did was I used canva. I know many of you have heard of canva before. That is one tool that I use all the time.

I do have the professional version so I can resize, I can grab pictures, I can grab videos. And I use this to create a feature graphic for the website. And these are all templates page. You got to tell them stop calling. She get more phone calls.

She get more phone calls in a little bit. And so this allows me to create that featured image that then goes, let's see, right at the top of the blog. And what I then did was I took that information and I infused the tools that I use and that I would recommend for anybody that's brand new starting out in soap making. So there's the mixing bowls, kitchen scale spatula, thermometer stick blender, soap, molds, cheese slicer. You don't need that $300 soap cutter, right?

And then what's next? So this is also having them consider enrolling in live soap school. So if they got the supplies, they just don't know how to take the next step. There's a call to action to go and enroll and take a class. So Chat GPT is a way of kind of validating what kind of questions your target audience has so that you can then make sure that you're creating content around things that are going to be searched on the Internet so that you can come up in organic searches.

So let's say I have these topics here. I'm going to click on tools. I swear my phone never rings until I go live, all right? And so what we have here is we have the ability to choose the Instagram caption, right? So if I say the topic of the post is equipment, to maybe spell it right, start making soap.

And let's say I want it in a professional tone. So I'll go ahead and select Get Content.

And then it shows you this is where you should put your image, ready to take your soap making skills to the next level, get the right equipment and start crafting your own soaps today, right? You also have hey, Tracy, you also have start your journey into the world of soap making with the right equipment. These are things that you would say, but when it comes time to write that caption down, it's like, oh, darn, what am I going to say? It also gives you some recommended hashtags that go along with that particular topic and then start your soap making journey with the right equipment. Soap making DIY soap for your soul, right?

And if you don't like those because maybe that doesn't sound the way you sound or the way you would say it, I'm going to click on Majestic and say, get content. And when I click on that, it's running. It unveiling my majestic domain. Well, I definitely wouldn't sound like that. So we're going to pass that one.

It's not a majestic domain. With the right equipment, I show craft soaps of unparalleled magnificence, right? So you can see how using something like AI, these are things that you would say, but probably you're just trying to hurry up and get that content out there so that you can focus on the important things of running your business and then engaging with those people that engage with you when you are on your streams. So I can't see your comments. I'm going to stop the share because I know you guys are there.

Let's stop sharing.

Dropping nuggets. You drop in nuggets. So the reason why I'm saying this is because let my hindsight be your, okay, I now know what not to do or what I could do differently if you are going because I know a lot of you are setting those goals for your business for the new year. If your goal is to start live streaming and to start blogging more and to start posting videos and to start putting content, know that there needs to be a system behind it so that you can actually work toward something instead of just feeding the social media platforms with all of your content and all of your expertise. So the number one thing is find out where your audience is.

Are they on YouTube? Facebook, twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn? I would say periscope, but that's long gone.

But where they are is then where you should be. What you're posting should have some hey page. What you're posting should have something to do with the business that you offer. It can't just be sell, sell, sell, sell. It can't just be by myself, buy myself, buy my stuff.

But how can they be educated? How can they be inspired? How can they be motivated by what it is that you're sharing? The reason why I shared my complete journey and I shouldn't even say complete because you guys saw maybe about 30% of what it took to kind of build these was because I wanted people to see what I was. Doing with what I was doing with something as simple as soap and see what they were capable of and whatever their gift skill, talent or ability might have been.

And so I say, hey, well, can I start this business thing? What does it take to do it online? I'm a rock star with physical businesses. That's what I did in my corporate life. Understood business plans and strategies and helped them to train people and understanding it.

But the online business model for me was something that was brand new in 2015. It was a model that I had never seen before. And I would go searching for things like how to build your website, how to build your social media, following how to live stream. And there was never a place where it was just a simple answer. It was like, buy this course by that course.

Here's these five tips that you really can't apply because it doesn't really matter for you. And so I said, I'm going to figure it out and live stream it along the way. Right? Because by live streaming it along the way, you then get a chance to kind of get held accountable for what it is that you say you're going to do. That's why sometimes I don't live stream as much as I used to because I then have to show up and do the cutting.

I then have to show up and do the packaging. I do it in the back end, but that can become very, very draining if you're doing it every day, all day. It kind of took the joy out of making the products because it felt like I was on all the time. I was it didn't feel like it was an actual thing. So getting back to the topic at hand in terms of using any of the AI tools, I have several of them open up here because I was going to give you a demo of them.

But don't get left in the dust when it comes to creating content. If you are going to take this online business stuff seriously, your business is not on the social media platforms. That's like the party that you go to where people are like, hey, how are you doing, girl? What's your name? My name is Kiyia.

I make soap. What? Oh, where can I get that soap over there, right? So you're interacting don't try and take my dance either, but you're interacting with people on the platforms to bring them to your home. Whether that be your website, whether that be your email list, whether that be your event.

Like if you're hosting an event and you want people to actually come there. So make sure that as you are doing these things on social media, there is a reason and a system behind it for people to be able to connect with you and Chat GPT. One thing I will say is if I know about Chat GPT, millions of other people know about these AI tools. Use them to help you build an outline to craft headlines. Because maybe copywriting isn't your strong suit.

And I say this about every single person. We all have unique skills, gifts, talents, abilities. And your strong suit may not be writing your strong suit may not be turning this camera on like, hey guys, I'm here your strong suit. Hey, Fraser. Your strong suit may be that you love to just talk.

So why haven't you started a podcast? You don't have to be on camera for a podcast and then leverage these chat GPT tools to make sure that you're aligning what it is that you want to share with what people are looking for and if your expertise leads. I'm going to take Loret's hair care. Lora. I always say Lorraine, but it's Laura, right?

I'm going to take her hair care. She has the most amazing blow drying technique for women, right? So I'm looking forward to her class. But she can come on and give, like, little tips on how not to fry your hair. She can just talk about it.

Like, here's some of the damage that happens when you fry someone's hair. Here's what to look for in damaged hair. And here's why you do this or why you do that. Here's some products I recommend. Here are some products that you should stay away from.

Right? So find out not only what your audience is looking for, but what your preference is for delivering it. When I would be on Periscope, I would say you need to live streaming. You need to live stream. I don't think you need to live stream if that's not your comfort zone.

But you do have a message that needs to get out there so that people who need that information can attach to you, link up with what it is that you know what they need and get it out there in the method that's comfortable for you. Technology is no longer an excuse for you not to show up for your business and your dreams and your goals. Before ten years ago to build a website, you probably needed a whole lot you don't today to have an online store and accept payments. You don't need that to send emails to people, to send text messages to people, to podcasts. There's free apps that you can download, but make sure that you have a home base that when people find you in this great wilderness of billions of people, you're constantly scrolling.

When they stop that scroll and they want to get to you, where are you sending them that is not on these platforms? And then you have to structure that. So hopefully, I'm going to come right back in here one more time just to share the screen. I'm just going to do the chat GPT one, because I'm going to walk you through what this could look like. So let's say you wanted to do a blog, and I would say, what would be an eye catching title for this blog, right?

Difficult to suggest for your blog without the context. So I should have said and it remembered what my previous question was up here, right? So I can say, can you write a thought provoking blog title for an article that focuses on soap making supplies? Right?

And so here it's going to give me the titles that are recommended. Now, in SEO, you do want your titles to be less than 60 characters so that it actually shows up on the search engine. So you would then choose one of these titles and say, hey, can you give me a meta description for this? For the blog post titled let's pick one, which one should we go with? Top ten.

Well, I only had seven, but we'll go with this one. Right. I'll say command C, command V and enter. Sure. Here is a potential meta description.

Are you new to soap making or looking to upgrade those supplies? Check out our top ten must have soap making supplies for crafting luxurious handmade soaps. Not only does this have the keywords soap making supplies, but it also provides what is going to be in there. So you may not be somebody who has the gift of gab, but you know what, this can be used. Now, I wouldn't say use it exactly like this.

Use this as a starter and rephrase it in your own terms. And as you do that, this can then be used as your meta description for your blog. It can also be used as your YouTube description. And then I would say, can you give me five social media captions to promote this blog? Sure.

Here are five captions and they're going to keep doing that. You see that so you save time and energy. Now, I would say for your social media captions, copy paste. Don't try and sit there and reinvent the wheel. But another thing that you can do, I have other tools so I can say discover the magic.

I don't like that one. I like this one. Elevate. I was about to say level up. Level up.

I should I'm going to make it level up. So I'm going to come here and let's say content improver. And I want to improve that. Sorry, I put it in the search and I don't want it majestic. I want it to be inspirational and get content for that.

Looks pretty darn good. As a soap maker, having the right supplies is essential for success. Check out this list. With these supplies, you're sure to make top notch soap that will make all your customers happy. You see that creating your own handmade soap can be rewarding and satisfying.

To get started, make sure you have the top ten essential supplies. And what I'm going to do now is I'm going to go into my scheduler. I'm going to grab hold on, let's grab that caption.

Right, come back here.

Your post is in Edmo and must be updated in the preview area for these networks. All right, well, let's turn off Facebook for now. I don't have time. I don't have time. All right, so we have those, but I need hashtags.

So I'm going to grab my just going to go with my soap making hashtags. Now this one is too long, so I'll delete that because you got to have hashtags. So I have a listing of hashtags and I tell it to just grab two random hashtags and put into every single post. You guys can't see what I'm doing. Let me stop the share and come back.

Sorry, guys, I forgot that I only shared a tab. I didn't share.

I saw Fraser all the way from Scotland. How are you? Listen, I'm the same way. It's like I know what I want to say when it's time to say it, but then it gets to be like, wait a minute, what was I talking about? I'm on mute, I can't say anything.

All right, so let me come and share this back to my social media dashboard. So what I did was I just copied the caption that they gave me and I'm going to add a picture. I'm going to grab my soap making supplies graphic that I created in Canva above. Darn it. All right, we're going to take it off Instagram because I don't have time to fix that right now.

So right now we're only going to Twitter. It's asking me what category I want it to be blog posts. And the reason I want that is so that it will always, oh, we want to get the blog link so that they can come back to the link because we want them to go there. I'm going to add some hashtags around soapmaking.

I don't know why it's not doing it for me. No watermark. And I'm going to add it to my queue. I want this to go out at a time that people are most likely to be on the Internet. Okay, I did that wrong.

I should have said schedule. But whatever, it's going to go out at the next time that I have it scheduled. So we talked about this. Now how did I come up with the meta description or the content? What should or you can't see again, sorry, you always got to keep coming back.

That part I'm so serious because my caption word play. I got time to produce. I have to go back to work. Caroline all right, so let me find this one here. So we're going to create a blog outline.

Or this can be your video outline or it can be your series of posts that you're going to create around a particular topic. So let's come here to this tab, back to our top questions for soap makers, right? So what should the outline be for this blog posting?

And then it will give me an outline and these become the various headings that we want an introduction. And then you're talking about the different items and then what you should explain. So if you have that writer's block, this could be a way of getting the instruction created. So I just mentioned your blog posts, your video outline only do like three topics. Don't do all of these on one video.

But then also if you are building a course around a particular topic, right? So if you have an idea for a course or a book, a blog, any of that, this is going to give you at least a starting point. I cannot harp enough not to copy and paste because there are millions of people using this, but use this as a way for you to get comfortable with the platform or at least start getting drafts created or your talking points. So if I were to do a live stream just with this, I would start off by saying, hey everybody, this is Zakia of Live, and today I'm going to tell you about the top ten soapmaking supplies that every soap maker needs. Now, before we go on, I do want you to make sure that you click that like subscribe, follow, share, anything that tickles your fancy.

And if you happen to be on one of those platforms, send me some Super Hearts, send me some Super Chats or some stars for the Facebook people and I'll be so happy to have you as a part of Soap Nation. So we're going to COVID three things. First off your scale, then your stick blender, and then of course, a stainless steel pot. Now, I said ten, but I think that might be a little overwhelming and we're on a budget, so we're going to talk about the most expensive things first and then come back around. The digital scale is the most important part because that is what we use to make sure that we are measuring our ingredients accurately.

And when you pick a scale, you want to make sure that you're going with the scale that can measure in grams, ounces and pounds. And typically the scale that we recommend goes up to a maximum of £15. So if you're going to be making larger batches, one thing when you're looking at your scale is to make sure that it can measure in the weight that you'll be using for your soap making. And so I hope just now what I did was I just looked at this and I said, oh, they're saying that these are the top three that they recommend. And then you infuse your own information about that particular topic.

Now, if you want to take it a step further, there are tools that you can then use to transcribe what you said in that video and it will create the blog for you. So if you're not a typer, if you're not a writer, if you're not one of those things, there are tools. And so the message that I am hoping comes out to you today, right, let me stop this share. Oh, I can stay on the share. The message that I am sharing with you is that you have a gift.

And I know New Year is right around the corner. Some people do New Year's resolution, some do not. If you are saying that I want to get serious about content creation, building my websites, promoting my business. Leveraging social media. Don't do it going into the dark.

Don't do it that way. You're welcome. Shanta one thing that really I struggle with is when you come from corporate America, everything that you present to them has to be data driven. So show me the data to support why it is you're doing what you're doing. That data, for me comes from, number one, the views that are on YouTube.

I look at what are my high performing videos, I see where people drop off and then I'll put those questions into these chat. GPT your live questions. When we are on these live streams, they help me to say, oh, people have a question about or they really liked. I tried posting a video yesterday and it was a test, right? It was a test.

There was no words coming out of my mouth. It was just a video of pouring the soap with the meditative music playing in the background. It was a test to see how that kind of content would play with my audience didn't do very well. However, that same exact kind of post is working very well on LinkedIn now. I don't know why, because supposedly LinkedIn is for the professionals and you got to do this, you got to do that.

It's not the case. And so don't look for immediate results in what it is that you're doing, but make sure that you have a strategy and tools to help you do data driven decisions. The more time that you waste by just throwing it on the wall and seeing what sticks, you're going to feel like you're moving in quicksand or in very slow motion. Right? So leverage these tools.

I like hearing and seeing the family. Thank you. And thank you so much for even when you don't catch the live streams, you always come back on the comments and let me know that you were there. But that is something that has come through loud and clear. There's more engagement, there's more interaction when the kids are involved or if my uncles are involved.

If you see everything that's behind, like, soap ladies. Right? So I get that. And so I have to figure out how that fits into what it is that I'm building from a business standpoint. So thank you for that feedback.

I really appreciate it. And it does help me to know that you guys see it, like it and all of that stuff. So hopefully this was just a very small teaser that went seven minutes too long, because we're up to 36 minutes here. But don't shy away from new technology. The tools are here.

If you want to build a website, there's WordPress. If you just want an online store, there is Shopify. There's other tools aside from shopify, but I'm going to start there because everybody has heard these terms. If you want to do a podcast where it's just your voice, there is Anchor FM. If you want to do a newsletter.

There is canva if you need to create graphics for your social media postings and all of that, you don't have to be an expert at it. I use canva for pretty much all of my content. Every graphic that I have created comes from canva. Keep going. Keep going.

So I use a lot of tools. So there's canva. I never saw any uncles. I like your cooking videos, too. Good to know.

So there's canva for creating your graphics. And everybody has a computer. And if you don't have a computer, you do have a cell phone. If you're hearing my voice and seeing me on here, you have the ability to create content.

Sorry, guys. And I think that's all I have because I got interrupted again and I don't remember where I was going with that. But I am Zakia Ringled of Let me stop my Share of Live Soap School, where it is so much more than soap. We are raising the bar on economic opportunity for so many people that were just like me in 2015, where it was I had this idea, but I didn't know how to move it forward. I am also the owner of Bizakia, where you can get the most luxurious handcrafted natural skincare products if you need a virtual event created or hosted.

I am also the owner and founder of virtual experience design agency. And if you are somebody who is hosting events and you need a way of managing your speakers and your sponsors, get in touch with me because I have a new software solution that I created, which is called Move Backstage. I need that for my hair. Take forever to detangle my hair and blow dry it. Help me, please, Laura.

See what I'm saying, cherrell? I'm putting it up there so you could see it. See what I'm saying? All right, everybody. I never saw your uncle.

I don't know why this does this. When I put your comments up there, it moves it to the side, which is funny. So thank you all so much for joining. Let me see if I can share.

Yeah, it's not showing up. My upload. Yeah, I don't see it. All right, I can share it. But hopefully you all had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.

We are in the second day of Kwanza. Hopefully you all are celebrating Kwanza with family and friends as well. I don't know what day two is. Does anybody know what day two is for Kwanza? Hold on, let me make sure.

I want to say the wrong thing.

Unity. Self determination. Look at that. Isn't that the topic of the day? The second principle is self Determination guide.

So if you are determined to do something with your content online as a business owner, or to grow, build that strategy and use the tools schools that are out here. My Mac is about to go to sleep. I don't know how to say bye. So thank you so much for being here. I'm your host of live, where it is so much more than soap.

I'll see you all next time. Bye, everybody.

What, then, is artificial intelligence? This raises the question…what does it actually mean?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a type of computer technology that is designed to be intelligent, just like a human. It can do tasks and make decisions on its own, without needing a person to tell it what to do every step of the way. AI is made up of complex algorithms (a set of rules or instructions) that allow it to learn and improve over time.

Thus, as it continuously performs a task, it becomes better and better at doing it, as it repeats it over and over again.

Some examples of things that AI can do include understanding and translating languages, recognizing faces or objects in photos, and driving a car. 

There is a good chance you have already interacted with AI, and you simply didn’t know that it was called Artificial Intelligence until now. There are many examples of artificial intelligence available to us, including Netflix movie recommendations, TESLA self-driving cars, Google Translate, Google Photos that can recognize people in photos, Snapchat filters, and TikTok filters. 

In ChatGPT, you can use a simple method to enter questions or prompts, receive responses, and get real-time responses to the questions you’ve asked. It feels like a conversation. The chat does not only feel like a conversation, but it also remains contextual and can continue to build on the responses and questions that have been given previously in the chat, making it a conversation that continues to grow as time goes by. 

What are some ways in which ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged by a soap business?

Why your soap business needs to use chatgpt

Here are just a few reasons why you may want to start using chatGPT for your soap business.

example use of chatgpt
  1. Automation: AI can be used to automate things that are time-consuming or repetitive, freeing you up to focus on more important tasks, like making your products. For example, an AI-powered chatbot can handle customer inquiries and support requests. I’m currently working on a chatbot that answers frequently asked questions relative to the best products based on skin type.
  2. Decision making: AI can help small business owners make more informed decisions by analyzing data and providing insights that might be difficult for an individual to spot. For example, an AI-powered marketing tool might be able to identify patterns in customer behavior and recommend strategies for reaching new customers.Imagine leveraging AI in your online store to track the customer journey and make informed decisions on what to showcase or promote in your next newsletter. More on this in personalization below.
  3. Personalization: AI can be used to personalize the customer experience by tailoring products or services to individual preferences. For example, an AI-powered recommendation engine might be able to suggest products to a customer based on their previous purchases or browsing history. Have you taken any of the quizzes on Facebook, where you pick a color and the tool gives you recommendations.This is AI! You can customize your AI to make recommendations based on individual input for personalization.
  4. Cost savings: In some cases, AI can help save money save money by reducing the need for human labor or by streamlining processes. Imagine cutting your copywriting effort in half with the use of AI. Perhaps an AI-powered inventory management system could reduce waste and inefficiencies, leading to cost savings for your business.I’m looking forward to leveraging AI to instantly compare prices of my suppliers to see which one offers the best pricing and shipping to save money on raw ingredients and packaging supplies.
  5. Competitive advantage: Small business owners who are able to effectively incorporate AI into their operations may be able to gain a competitive advantage over others in the industry. For example, a small business that is able to provide personalized recommendations to its customers using AI may be able to stand out in a crowded market.With AI, you can quickly generate content marketing plans, promotions and more leveraging the vast variety of AI tools entering the marketplace. Check out this post on Content Automation to learn more.

How to use ChatGPT and AI in content creation

When you are creating content for your website, online store or social media, do you ever find yourself drawing a blank when it’s time to begin? Artificial Intelligence can be a very valuable tool for your business.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) you can create social media captions, blog articles, emails, and full blown newsletters for your business. This will allow your business to be more productive and provide more content to your audience more quickly.

Another way that AI can be used is through optimization and personalization. AI can analyze and optimize the tone and style of your existing content to make it more effective, and it can also customize the content shown to individual users based on their interests and behaviors. This can help make the content more relevant and engaging for the audience.

How CHATGPT can provide added value to your Online sTore

You can use the CHAGPT tool to give your products a unique edge in the online market! With the help of artificial intelligence, you can make the product names and descriptions more memorable and engaging so they will stick out from the competition. In order to increase the visibility of your products in online stores, you can optimize the product names and descriptions of your products in order to make them easier to find on search engines.

As a result of using CHATGPT, you’ll be able to create engaging product pages with unique descriptions that will be sure to catch the eye of your customers and contribute to achieving maximum sales.

AI Can Help Soap Makers Conduct Research and Development 

To optimize soap recipes, artificial intelligence can analyze market trends and consumer preferences to analyze data. It is possible for artificial intelligence to assist soap makers in creating recipes that are more likely to be successful on the market, by identifying the most popular ingredients, scents, and other characteristics of successful soap products.

In the current environment of supply chain challenges and rising costs, replacing ingredients may be a good idea. In the case of certain ingredients which are hard to obtain, expensive, or otherwise difficult to use, ChatGPT can be used to identify potential substitutes for these ingredients. It only takes a few seconds to get amazing results when you search for alternatives to Rose essential oil. This will allow you to create new recipes that are practical and cost effective to make.

It is possible to spot trends with artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to analyze data on the soap market to identify opportunities to create new products or target specific consumer segments. You can use it to analyze data on the soap market to identify opportunities for new products. AI is an effective tool for helping soap makers to create products that are more likely to be successful by identifying unmet market needs or niches that are underserved.


Please make sure you verify the responses generated by ChatGPT as of the writing of this post. Some of the responses I have received were not accurate. Utilize ChatGPT and other AI tools to begin your research, but make sure that you do not stop until you have completed it. Continue to research and fact-check anything you are getting out of the responses. 

Moreover, if you are going to use the generated content for your own website or in your writings, make sure not to simply copy and paste the information. Copying and pasting is a sure-fire way to get your site marked as spam, so use the information only as a guide. Always add your own point of view and phrase content in your own words. 

How to get started with chatgpt

The following steps will help you to get started with ChatGPT if you’re a new soap maker who wants to learn more about the product:

  • Familiarize yourself with ChatGPT: Take some time to learn about ChatGPT and how it works. You can find more information about it online, or you may be able to find tutorials or other resources that can help you get up to speed.
  • Determine your goals: Think about what you hope to achieve by using ChatGPT. For example, you might want to use it to optimize your soap recipes, generate product descriptions, or analyze customer feedback. Having clear goals in mind will help you to get the most out of the tool.
  • Gather data: ChatGPT works by analyzing data and generating responses based on that data. In order to get the most out of ChatGPT, you’ll need to gather as much relevant data as possible. This might include customer feedback, market research, and other data sources.
  • Set up and configure ChatGPT: Once you have your data and goals in place, you’ll need to set up and configure ChatGPT. This may involve installing the tool and inputting your data, as well as setting up any custom parameters or preferences.
  • Experiment and iterate: Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with ChatGPT and see what works for you. You may need to try different approaches and adjust your settings in order to get the best results. As you gain more experience with the tool, you’ll be better equipped to unlock its full potential and achieve your business goals.

In the comments below, let me know if you are planning on adding chatGPT or AI tools to your arsenal. 

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